Haier launches top-loading fully-automatic washing machine with Oceanus Wave Technology

On: March 26, 2019

Expanding its range of offerings in India, Haier has launched a new top-loading fully-automatic washing machine. The appliance carries Oceanus Wave technology which enhances the washing effect. The HWM75-678TNZP has multiple other technologies to aid the washing process as well.

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Haier top-loading fully-automatic washing machine: specifications, features and price

The total capacity of the washing machine is 7.5 Kgs which makes it ideal for a family of four people. The Oceanus Wave drum present in this fully-automatic offering is a cube-shaped structure which facilitates a stronger water flow while reducing the abrasion. This leads to a more effective and gentle cleaning, says the company. It also has a Storm Wash technology, two enlarged magic filters and back panel control.

The magic filters have a large touch surface to collect the lint effectively and the drum looks after providing a cleaner wash. Haier’s top-loading and fully-automatic machine also has a Soft Fall technology for slow and smooth closing of the windows. This technology increases the durability of the product as well. Additionally, the washing machine comes with a shock-proof window and lid protection to address safety concerns.

Haier top-loading fully-automatic washing machine launched

Mr. Eric Braganza, President, Haier India said “We at Haier are committed to meet the growing and changing needs of our customers. With the introduction of our 7.5Kg Top Load Machine, we are offering a luxurious design with highly advanced features designed to serve the customers with top class technology and experience. For Haier, Indian families remain to be a priority and we’ll continue to deliver the customer inspired products to enhance the experience of every Indian household.”

The appliance has been launched in only Titanium Grey colour. The Haier top-loaded fully-automatic washing machine is priced at Rs 32,990 and is available all across India.

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