HDFC Bank credit card upgrade offer: how to get free Infinia and Diners Club Black cards

HDFC Bank is the market leader when it comes to credit card providers in India. The bank had 1.49 crore credit card customers as of September 2020. Now, starting the new year on a high note, it has announced the HDFC Bank credit card upgrade offer for its existing customers. Eligible customers can now upgrade to Infinia and Diners Black cards free of cost.

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Notably, HDFC Bank has been increasing the credit limit for its users during the pandemic and has done so twice in the last year. Thanks to the increased credit limit on their cards, many users have automatically become eligible for Infinia and Diners Black credit cards. HDFC is now reportedly offering these cards on first year free and lifetime free basis. Let’s take a look at the details of this offer.

HDFC Bank credit card upgrade offer: how to get free Infinia and Diners Club Black upgrade

HDFC Bank is offering free upgrade to Infinia or Diners Club Black credit card to eligible users

HDFC Bank is offering a free upgrade to Infinia or Diners Club Black credit card to eligible users

In case you are eligible for the HDFC Infinia or Diners Club Black credit card, you can easily upgrade online using netbanking. Below are the steps to upgrade for free.

  1. Go to the HDFC Bank netbanking page and log in
  2. Click on the ‘Cards’ tab
  3. Under credit cards, click on ‘Request’
  4. Next, select ‘Credit card Upgrade’
  5. Select your credit card from the dropdown
  6. You’ll see an option to upgrade if eligible

There are reports that HDFC Bank is offering the upgrade to Infinia and Diners Club Black cards with no lifetime fees. But the terms and conditions on the website mention only the first year is free for the Infinia card, with no mention of the Diners Club Black in the T&C. When we personally checked, we were eligible for the Diner’s Club Black upgrade, and the annual fee of Rs 10,000 was waived off. It’s unclear if the waiver is for a year or lifetime.

HDFC Bank credit card upgrade offer: terms and conditions

The upgraded HDFC Bank credit card will be shipped to the user’s mailing address in the bank records. The old card will be valid for 60 days or till the first use of the new card – whichever is earlier – and it will become inactive once the new card is used.

Once upgraded, the credit card cannot be re-instated to the old credit card number and customers need to update the new card number with whichever auto-debit services they are registered on. Additionally, once upgraded, the features of the new card will come into effect and existing card features will no longer be valid.

HDFC Infinia and HDFC Diners Club Black credit cards: benefits and fees

Notably, HDFC Infinia and Diners Black are super-premium credit cards offered by HDFC Bank. The former is an invite-only credit card by HDFC Bank and requires users to have income tax returns of at least 45 lakhs to get a fresh card. It offers a credit limit of ~Rs 8 lakhs, high reward points, unlimited lounge access, and unlimited complimentary golf games at leading courses around the world.

The Diners Club Black credit card requires the user to have a minimum net monthly income of Rs 1.75 lakhs for salaried and minimum income tax return of Rs 21 lakhs per annum for self-employed. Users get a credit limit of ~Rs 5 lakhs, while other benefits are largely the same as Infinia card including unlimited lounge access and high reward points.

Both these cards come with a joining/renewal fee of Rs 10,000. This can be waived off by spending a minimum of Rs 8 lakhs in 12 months on Infinia and Rs 5 lakhs on Diners Club Black.

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