Head Bush OTT Release Date: “Head Bush” will premiere on ZEE5 Premium on January 13


  • The Rise and Rise of Bengaluru, the first part of this trilogy, chronicles Jayaraj’s ascendancy in the underworld of the city
  • The release took place during the Diwali celebrations
  • MP Jayaraj biopic to come out on Zee5 Kannada

Dhananjaya’s second home production, Head Bush – The Rise and Rise of Bengaluru, followed the successful Badava Rascal. Adapted from Agni Sreedhar’s book My Days in The Underworld, the film was directed by debutant Shoonya. A multi-part project, the first instalment focused on Bengaluru’s first don, MP Jayaraj, and his rise in the underworld. In addition to Dhananjaya playing Jayaraj, the ensemble cast included Vasishta N Simha, Raghu Mukherjee, Sruthi Hariharan, Loose Mada Yogi, Payal Rajput and V Ravichandran.

With minimal promotions, the film was released just days before Puneeth Rajkumar’s dream project Gandhada Gudi. Fans urged Dhananjaya to speed up the release, but he said that he had to honour the announcement he made. Additionally, he stated that as a result of the hurried release of Head Bush, he learned never to announce a release date before the product was ready.

Head Bush OTT Release Date: Where and when you can watch the movie

When it was released, the film was not well received at the box office and caused controversy due to its portrayal of Karaga. In recent developments, Head Bush will have an OTT premiere at the festival after Zee Network acquired the digital and satellite rights. As per the latest news, Head Bush – The Rise and Rise of Bengaluru will be shown on Zee5 Kannada on January 13.

Furthermore, the fans are hopeful that 2023 will be a better year for him, given that Dhananjaya has Hoysala, Uttarakaanda and the untitled Satyadev 26, but right now, he is focusing on the release of a film he will present in partnership with KRG Studios – Orchestra Mysuru, which hits theatres on January 12.

Head Bush Trailer

In the trailer, Jayaraj is shown attacking a police officer and entering a courtroom with a machete, presumably to kill a witness. The boldness of his actions caught the attention of then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The trailer ends with Indira Gandhi compelling the Chief Minister of the state to address the growing atrocities perpetrated by Jayaraj.