Holi 2023: Here’s Your Complete Guide on How to Fix a Water-Damaged Smartphone


  • First and foremost, remember to turn off your smartphone
  • Remove the case and SIM card
  • Try to use a zip-lock bag during Holi

The festival of colours is here. While it’s a vibrant and joyous festival, it’s also a time when most smartphones get damaged due to water exposure. If your phone has suffered water damage during Holi, don’t panic! There are steps you can take to try and save your device. Here’s a complete guide on how to fix your smartphone in case of water damage during Holi:

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How to fix a water-damaged smartphone?

We present you some tried and tested ways to fix a water-damaged phone.

Turn off your phone

The first step is to turn off your phone immediately. This will prevent short circuits from occurring that could further harm your device.

Remove the case and SIM card

Take off the case and remove the SIM card from your phone. This will help prevent any moisture from getting trapped inside and causing further damage.

Rinse with clean water

If your phone was exposed to coloured water or other substances during Holi, you should immediately rinse it with clean water. This will aid in removing any potentially dangerous chemicals that may have come into contact with your device. However, make sure to wash it swiftly and without using any chemicals or soap.

Wipe the phone with a dry cloth

Wipe down the phone’s exterior using a dry cloth. Ensure that all the water has been removed from the surface, paying particular attention to the ports, buttons, and camera lenses.

Use a vacuum cleaner

If your phone was drowned in the water, it’s likely that some water may have gotten inside. In order to suck out the trapped water, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Avoid touching any of the components with the nozzle, as this could result in damage.

Use a drying agent

There are several drying agents you can use to remove moisture from your phone. Rice is one of the most popular options. Soak your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice for at least 24 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture from the phone. You can also utilise silica gel packets often found in electronic packaging.

Turn the phone back on

After letting your phone sit for at least 24 hours, try turning it back on. If it turns on without any issues, congratulations! Your phone may have survived the water damage.

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However, if you notice any issues, such as a dim screen, distorted sound, or a swollen battery, it’s best to take it to a professional for repair.

In addition, we’d recommend using a zip-lock bag which you may have seen some Zomato/Swiggy executives carrying on a rainy day. It is easily available on Amazon with 1-day delivery.