Honda to launch 10 electric scooters and motorcycles by 2025


  • Honda’s roadmap doesn’t mention India
  • The company is likely to launch the Benly e-electric scooter in the region soon
  • Honda is also gearing up to release flex-fuel based two-wheelers in India

Honda has formally revealed a roadmap of its future electric two-wheeler launches, planning to unveil at least 10 electrified scooters/motorcycles by 2025. With this in mind, the Japan-based manufacturer has also set a target of selling at least 1 million electric two-wheelers over the next five years, and 3.5 million models by the end of the decade.

The 10 new Honda e-scooter and motorcycles will offer something for everyone, with models ranging from street bikes, commuter or standard scooters, and off-road motorcycles. Honda said it would release two commuter e-scooters over the next couple of years in Asia, Europe, and its home region of Japan.

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Additionally, there’s also a “Kids Fun EV” coming to the U.S, Europe, and Japan in the same time frame. No details were available on this Fun EV, though Honda’s statement said it is “designed to pass on the joy of riding to the next generation.”

The company’s ambitions in India are somewhat restricted, especially compared to other e-scooter and motorcycle manufacturers in the country. However, Honda is planning to launch its flex-fuel vehicles beginning in 2023 with the E20 which uses 20% ethanol, and the E100 (100% ethanol) in 2025. We have also encountered reports of the Honda Benly e launching in India soon.

Crucially, Honda said that all electric two-wheelers on its roadmap will include swappable batteries and a power source. Though there’s not enough clarity on whether these would arrive in the highly competitive Indian e-scooter/bike market, the company is hoping for a decent response from the aforementioned flex-fuel vehicles.

Source: Honda