Honda Plans to Release 10 Electric Two-Wheelers in India by 2034, Starting With Activa Electric


  • Honda Activa Electric to launch in India in March 2024
  • Honda to introduce 10 new electric models in India over the next decade
  • Electric two-wheelers to feature both swappable and fixed batteries, and will be exported to international markets

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is gearing up for its first electric two-wheeler launch in India in March 2024, according to recent reports. The Honda Activa Electric is expected to be the first model to be released, with the company planning to introduce ten new electric offerings in the Indian market over the next ten years.

Honda has been studying the Indian market for over two years and plans to cater to a variety of segments with different body styles, performance levels, and powertrain options. The electric two-wheelers will feature both swappable and fixed battery technologies and will be exported to some of Honda’s international markets in due course.

Two projects, codenamed GJNA and K4BA, are currently in development, with the Honda Activa Electric and a moped with a swappable battery set to be launched in 2024. The company expects to sell 5 lakh units of these models in just three years, with the number expected to reach 10 lakh units by 2026-27.


Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited has established a presence in Bengaluru in order to promote its swappable battery technology (HEID). The company currently operates 70 battery swapping stations in Bengaluru and plans to expand to other cities in the future. HEID currently caters to the three-wheeler segment but will be incorporated into Honda’s foray into the Indian electric two-wheeler market.

Atsushi Ogata, the President of Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India, has been instrumental in developing the company’s strategy for its electric two-wheeler ambitions. Ogata believes that electric vehicle penetration in India will increase to 15-20 percent by the end of the decade.

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In summary, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India are poised to enter the growing Indian electric two-wheeler segment with the launch of the Honda Activa Electric in March 2024. The company plans to introduce ten new electric offerings in the next decade and establish its swappable battery technology. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles in India, Honda is set to capitalize on the electrification trend and grow its presence in the Indian market.