How Old Is My Phone: How to check Age of any Smartphone

If you’re looking to buy a used smartphone and then you may want to check when it is manufactured.  While checking the bill may tell you the sale date, but if you have been wondering if there’s a method to find out how old it is. We all know about the launch of our smartphone, but finding its exact manufacturing date is not that simple. Every company has their method of engraving manufacturing dates on their smartphones. There’s a good chance your device could have left the factory even after a year of its release. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to figure out the manufacturing date of your device.

In this article, we have covered six methods to check the exact manufacturing date of your smartphone.

1. Via the outer box

phone box

If you are lucky, you will find the manufacturing date of the device on the box itself. Just turn it over and look for the ‘Date’ option on that white sticker full of words, numbers, and barcodes, as there’s a high chance that the manufacturing date of your device is hidden in that sticker.

Note: If you find the date on your smartphone’s box, cross-check your smartphone’s IMEI number with the number written on the box.

2. Via phone settings

phone settings

If you don’t have the outer box of the smartphone or if the manufacturing date is not mentioned on the box, then there are other methods as well. One such method is to head over to the setting. The exact location in the settings will differ from company to company, but it is usually situated under ‘About Phone’ or something similar.

3. Via serial number

phone serial number

Sometimes smartphone companies include the manufacturing date in the device’s serial number, usually found in the ‘About Phone’ section. Every number on these devices represents a date, month, or other information that can be used to determine the manufacturing date. But the hard part is you will have to decode the manufacturing date on your own.

The third digit in an iPhone serial number represents the year’s final number like ‘9’ means 2019, and ‘1’ means 2021, while the fourth and fifth digits indicate the device’s week of the year. Asus hides the manufacturing date in the serial number of the device. Usually, it is situated at the end after the ‘MFD’.

Samsung also includes the manufacturing date in the serial number. The fourth digit in the Samsung serial number indicates the year, and the fifth indicates the manufacturing month.

4. Via third-party apps

third party apps

If you haven’t found the dates yet, then it’s time to take help from some third-party apps. There are plenty of apps like Droid hardware info and Phone info SAM, which can tell the exact manufacturing date of the device. These apps can extract the manufacturing date from serial numbers, IMEI codes, and other things we don’t understand. Although do keep in mind that these apps don’t work all the time, but it’s worth a try.

5. Via manufacturing code


Decoding the manufacturing code is one of the most tedious processes to get the manufacturing date. The issue with manufacturing codes is that they are often not only OEM-specific but also model-specific, which makes it almost impossible to guide you directly.

In order to figure out the age of your smartphone using the manufacturing code, head over to the dialer app and enter any of the codes listed below.

  • *#197328640#*
  • *#*#197328640#*#*
  • *#0000#

If the code works, a new service menu will appear, Navigate to the Version Information > Hardware Versions menu and check the manufacturing date.

6. Via Google 

google search

This is the final method to figure out the age of your smartphone. Simply Google the serial number or specific model and look for any helpful information that will help you determine the exact manufacturing date of your device.

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1. How do you check when my phone was first activated?

Head to Google Account > Security > Your devices > Manage All Devices > More Details.

2. How can I tell how old my iPhone is by IMEI?

Visit to know the age of your iPhone.

3. How do I find the manufacture date of my Samsung phone?

The manufacturing date of Samsung smartphones is usually situated in the device’s serial number. Where the fourth digit indicates the year and the fifth digit indicates the month of the manufacturing.