How Satisfied Are You With Your Current Smartphone Brand?


Today there are numerous phones selling in the market and the number keeps on increasing everyday. PC and tablet sales are on a decline while the smartphone graph shows an ever increasing rise.

Nowadays phones have become affordable and the reason for this change can be credited to brands like Motorola, Xiaomi, Asus, etc. Motorola was almost bankrupt when Google acquired them but today they are a few quarters away from making profits. This is because they launched phones with great specs for reasonable prices. Their Moto G became the most sold phone ever and in some countries it even became one of the top selling phones. This was followed by launching the cheaper Moto E. Of course the phone didn’t have the best specs but had great value for money.

Some of the upcoming brands sell their devices through an online only model which helps them cut costs, for example, Motorola. This was then followed by other brands like Lenovo, Asus, Xiaomi, etc. Also, the flash sales make it even more difficult to get these phones and one then takes pride in actually managing to own one.

While many people were reluctant about Chinese manufacturers earlier, companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus managed to be different. They changed this perception by packing their phones with the exact same hardware as a flagship from a big-name manufacturer, at a much lesser cost.

People too are ready to experiment by buying phones from these companies rather than settling for the big names. And this makes sense as it saves you a lot of money. But then what are the factors that a person keeps in mind when buying a phone? There are still many who do not trust these brands and are ready to pay more for the established ones just because of the ‘Goodwill’.

However, we all have our preferred brands when buying a phone. Some buy Apple for its brand value and camera while some may prefer Motorola for its value for money. At times, people stay loyal to a brand for years while some keep experimenting with new brands every time.

When buying a phone, one also has to keep the after sales service in mind as many of these new entrants (and even some big manufacturers) don’t have a wide support network. After all you don’t want to be stranded when your device acts up.

Below is a short survey for us to see how satisfied the consumers are with their current smartphones and how much are they willing to experiment.

Ruchita Mahimkar

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