Netflix Downloads for You: how to enable automatic downloads of recommended TV shows and movies

Netflix is clearly at the top when it comes to video streaming platforms in the world. Netflix announced that it has over 200 million paying subscribers last month. Its rise to the top can be owed to its content library and constant release of small but meaningful new features. Three years ago, Netflix had introduced Smart Downloads that allowed the app to download new episodes as soon as you were done watching the current episode. Now, it is introducing an update in the form of Downloads For You.

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Netflix is no longer the only dominant video streaming platform in the world. It has company in the form of Disney+ and HBO Max, which have legacy content and production house to support the platforms. For Netflix, it becomes important to ensure that its customers get the right experience. Downloads For You aims to help with that by combining content discovery with a smart download option. The feature aims to make discovering your next favourite series or film quick and easy.

Netflix Downloads For You: what is it and how to activate?


Netflix Downloads for You is now rolling out globally first on Android

Netflix’s new Downloads For You feature can be described as a minor update to the smart downloads feature introduced three years ago. Smart Downloads is not going away, but Netflix wants to match your viewing habit with your downloading habit with the new “Downloads For You” feature. This new feature will automatically download recommended shows or movies to your mobile device based on your tastes.

You can think of this feature as handing over your watchlist to Netflix and letting the service do the heavy lifting of finding shows or movies and then downloading them for you. While Netflix will handle discovery, you will still be in control of how much is downloaded to your device. This feature will come handy for folks who don’t want to go through the huge list of TV shows and films that are available on the platform when they are done watching a particular series or a movie.

How to enable Netflix Downloads For You:

  1. Go to Downloads tab on your mobile device and you will see the “Introducing Downloads For You” prompt.
  2. Click on Setup to enable the Downloads For You feature.
  3. Now, choose the amount of content you want downloaded to your device. You can choose between from 0.5GB and the increment happens in the steps of 0.5GB.
  4. Select the amount of data you want to download and click Turn On.
  5. The more space you allow, the more recommendations will be downloaded for you.
  6. You can also click on the settings icon within the Downloads tab to control storage allocation for each user.

Netflix Downloads For You: availability

The feature is being rolled out globally first on Android and will soon be available on iOS as well. The Netflix app on Android recently got an update that streamlined the user interface further. It now has three tabs – Home, Coming Soon and Downloads – in the bottom drawer. The search icon is at the top right corner and the user icon sits next to it. The feature is a further demonstration of how machine learning is being used not only for recommending content but also anticipate and download them for you.