SBI: How to activate SBI debit card via Internet Banking, Yono App, SMS, Call and more

SBI, also known as the State Bank of India, is very popular among the population for its various banking services. SBI has more than 40 crore bank accounts in India.SBI offers many benefits when you open an SBI account. Some are standard banking services, while others are specific only to this bank. Of the standard banking services, SBI offers an SBI-specific application that allows customers to carry out basic transactions, and that app is the YONO app. Once you get your SBI debit card after opening an SBI account, you must activate it. 

How to activate an SBI debit card online through the online SBI Portal

  • Visit the SBI portal online. 
  • Log into personal banking with your ID and password. 
  • Select the option “ATM card services” after navigating to “e-services.”
  • Click on “New ATM Card Activation” after being directed to a new page. 
  • Select the account you have applied for a card on the next page. If you have just one account with SBI, this has already been selected by default.
  • Where required, enter the 16-digit card number. In the next bar, enter the number again. 
  • Click on the “Activate” option in the next step, verify all the details, and click on “confirm.” 
  • Click on “confirm” after entering the OTP you received on your phone. 
  • The screen will show the message “ATM card successfully activated”.

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How to Activate SBI Debit Card using YONO App?

YONO stands for You Need Only One. SBI has launched this mobile application for all retail customers. Through this digital mobile banking app, users can perform different banking activities like seeing their account statements, payment of credit card bills and online recharges, stopping cheque payments, transferring funds, viewing account statements, monitoring account activities, ordering a checkbook, and more. You have to install and activate the SBI YONO app, and you can manage your bank account on your cell phone. When you receive a new ATM card, you need to activate it to be able to withdraw cash or for making purchases. SBI customers can activate their new ATM card via the YONO app.

Activating your new ATM card using the SBI YONO app 

  • Open the app and log in. 
  • Tap on the top left to select Service Request.
  • Tap on ATM/Debit Card services. 
  • If you have registered through netbanking, enter your password and tap on ATM/Debit Card Activation. 
  • Click on “next” after you enter the 16-digit number of your card. 
  • Your registered mobile number will receive an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and activate your card. 

Downloading the SBI YONO app

  • On your device go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 
  • Look for the SBI YONO app and download it.  
  • Open the app and tap on existing customer or New to SBI option whichever is applicable. 
  • Existing customers may log in using their netbanking credentials or the registered ATM card. They may even register for YONO by providing full account details. New customers might have to filial up a form. 

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How to Activate SBI debit card via call

  • Call 18004253800 or 1800112211 for SBI customer care.
  • Tap on “1” to generate the PIN. 
  • Confirm after entering your debit card twice. 
  • Press confirm after you enter the account number linked with the card. 
  • You will receive an OTP SMS that has a 2-day validity. 
  • Go to any SBI ATM and select the PIN Change option 
  • Enter the OTP. 
  • Enter your new PIN and press “confirm”.

How to Activate SBI debit card via SMS

  • SMS PIN<space>CCCC<space>AAAA to 567676 (AAAA= last 4 digits of your account number and CCCC= last 4 digits of your debit card) from the mobile number that you have registered with the bank. 
  • If the digits entered above match against the records, you will receive an SMS with an OTP. 
  • This OTP is valid for 2 days. 
  • Go to any SBI ATM and select the PIN Change option. 
  • Set a new PIN after entering the OTP. 

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How to Activate the debit card by visiting an SBI ATM


You may also activate your debit card by directly visiting an SBI ATM and going through the below steps. 

  • Go to an SBI ATM and stick your card into the slot.
  • Choose “PIN Generation”.
  • Confirm your 11-digit account number after entering it. 
  • Enter the 10-digit cell phone number that is registered with the bank and click “confirm” 
  • You will get an OTP. 
  • Insert the card again and choose the “PIN CHANGE” option. 
  • Set a PIN according to your wishes after entering the OTP. 

Well, that is how you can change your debit card PIN by visiting an ATM, or by SMS or call or through the SBI YONO app. The most convenient option is through the app so if you have a smartphone, download it and start using the SBI YONO app. Else the next best option is to visit an SBI ATM and change your PIN using the given steps. Changing your ATM PIN is easy and should be done every now and then for security reasons.