IKEA store now open in Mumbai: how to book IKEA entry slot online

On: January 1, 2021

  • IKEA’s second store in India is open now in Mumbai
  • The store is only granting entry to those who book entry slot online
  • Currently, there are no slots to book for entry in IKEA store

One of the most popular home furnishing store all over the world, IKEA opened its first Indian store in Hyderabad back in August 2018. Now, the brand has opened doors of its second store in Navi Mumbai for visitors, but due to the COVID-19 restrictions, only limited customers are allowed at a time for which they are required to book a slot online.

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If you are wondering how to book IKEA Store entry slot online, the process is fairly simple and can be done in a few simple steps online. Once you book your slot, a token will be generated for the entry. As of now, there are no slots open for booking, however, IKEA has stated that the slots will keep opening up as and when possible so you need to keep checking the website at regular intervals. Here’s a guide on how to book IKEA store entry slot online.

How to book IKEA Store entry slot online

How to book IKEA Store entry slot online

How to book IKEA Store entry slot online

As mentioned before, IKEA currently doesn’t have any booking slots open but the status will keep changing. In case you’ve been waiting to visit the IKEA store in Navi Mumbai, you can keep checking the website and book your entry whenever a slot opens. Below are the steps to book your entry slot in the IKEA Navi Mumbai Store via online booking.

  1. Visit the official IKEA registration page
  2. Pick the date on which you want to visit the store
  3. Select the slot time, IKEA has been offering slots at 11am, 2pm and 5pm
  4. Login/register using your mobile number and OTP
  5. Select the number of visitors
  6. Click on ‘Book this slot’ to complete the booking
  7. Now click on ‘My tokens’ on top of the page and download the soft copy of the token
  8. Show the token at the entry of IKEA store to gain access
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