How to convert PDF to document in Google Docs

Google has made it extremely easy to convert a PDF file into a document. There is a good possibility that you received a PDF file and wanted to edit it. However, you don’t have a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat Pro to make changes. This is where online tools from Google like Google Docs come handy.

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While the feature has existed for sometime, there were always issues with respect to the way Google Docs rendered PDF files. From image import to text style to formatting, almost everything was broken. Not anymore thanks to a slew of updates released to the service.

How to convert a PDF file into document using Google Docs

  1. Go to Google Drive and click on the PDF File that you want to open
  2. Now click on the “Open with Google Docs” option that you see below the address bar
  3. Once you click on this option, the PDF file will be converted to a document
  4. Done!

Google Docs PDF imports: key improvements

Google Docs

Here is how you can use Google Docs to convert PDF into text file

The changes to Google Docs have been enabled by default for all those who use Google’s online services. To be specific, Google says that image imports have been improved including the image itself and text wrapping related to images.

Another interesting change is with text styles and formatting, where underline and strikethrough will be retained. Even background colour and fonts will be maintained with this update. One of the issues most people faced when converting a PDF to Google Docs was the layout breaking. When you convert a PDF file into a text file using Google Docs, the layout including multi-column layout will work reliably.

Google says from custom page sizes to tables with borders and improved content ordering has been made effective with the new update. In a nutshell, when you convert a PDF into Google Docs, you won’t have to spend next hours changing the text size or rearranging the image to match the original PDF document.

Google Docs PDF imports: rollout and availability

The search giant says that there are no admin controls for this feature. If you are Google Docs right now then the feature is already live for you. The full rollout, according to Google, will take one to three days and the actual rollout will start on November 30th.

The feature will be available to Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus, as well as G Suite Basic, Business, Education, Enterprise for Education, and Nonprofits customers.