How to delete blank rows from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

On: January 9, 2021

Microsoft Excel is the most popular and also the most powerful productivity tool in the world. It is the industry leading spreadsheet software and with data visualisation as well as analytics tool, it goes beyond being used as a spreadsheet software.

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The tool allows users to view, create and edit spreadsheets. The software developed by Microsoft is also a cross-platform tool, meaning it is available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Whether you want to calculate or tabulate something, Excel becomes a useful tool.

You will often find blank rows in Excel sheets shared with you or created by you. This can diminish the value of an otherwise organized spreadsheet. Here is how you can tidy your spreadsheet by removing blank rows or cells.

How to remove blank rows on Microsoft Excel

MS Excel

If you are using Microsoft Excel on Windows or macOS then you simply need to right click on the number shown at the start of the row. Now, a menu will open where you will see an option to delete the row. This same process can be used to delete more than one row at the same time. If you want to delete a cell, place your cursor on the cell you want to delete and then right click. Now, select the delete option to delete that cell.

How to delete blank rows on Microsoft Excel web

MS Excel

On the web version of Microsoft Excel, the process is identical. First select the row or cell you want to delete and then right click. This will bring up a menu where you can find the delete option. Click on it to delete the blank row or cell from your spreadsheet.

How to delete blank rows on Microsoft Excel app

Microsoft Excel

If you are using Microsoft Excel app on Android or iPhone or on iPad, the process is again similar but the menu is shown a bit differently. Firstly click on the number shown before the start of the row. This will select the entire row and a horizontal row of options will be shown. On this menu, you will find delete at the end. Click on delete to remove the blank row.

The above method is not just applicable for blank rows. You can use the same procedure to delete rows with cells containing data. You can also use this process to delete columns from your spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel: rows, columns and competition

Microsoft Excel is available as a program for Windows and macOS. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS from their respective app stores. Microsoft claims that Excel is used by over 750 million people worldwide. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, even proclaimed it as the company’s most important consumer product.

You can find a number of people who cannot get their work done without Microsoft Excel. Similarly, you will find people who have found quirky ways to use Excel like a Pokemon fan, who used the software to draw the original 151 species or follow YouTuber Dylan Tallchief’s lead to make music on the spreadsheet.

Excel is no doubt a popular software but it has seen competition from Google Sheets in the online space. As a result, Microsoft has diversified the product to offer it as a commercial program as well as an app. While all that sounds interesting, Excel has a flaw that cannot be overlooked. Yes, we are talking about rows and columns.

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