How to delete your LinkedIn account and wipe your personal information

On: January 2, 2021

  • LinkedIn is a unique social media platform dedicated to working professionals
  • The platform allows users to delete their account if they no longer wish to use it
  • Once deleted, LinkedIn will remove all information from its servers within seven days

If you are a working professional or hunting for a job, chances are that you have made a LinkedIn account. While LinkedIn is technically a social media platform, it’s quite different from others. LinkedIn is all about professionals and career-related posts. But what if you no longer want to use the platform, how can you delete your LinkedIn account?

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The career-oriented nature of the platform means that it’s not for everyone and some users may not want to retain their account after a while. Luckily for such individuals, there’s an option to delete their LinkedIn account, which will result in all their personal information being deleted as well. Here’s a detailed guide on How to delete LinkedIn account.

How to delete LinkedIn account: step-by-step guide

Before you proceed to delete the LinkedIn account, bear in mind that the platform will wipe all your data within seven days. Therefore unlike Facebook, should you choose to return to LinkedIn in future, you will have to start afresh by creating a new profile and making new connections. In case you want to keep your LinkedIn information, you can choose to download a copy of your data before deletion.

If you have made up your mind, below are the steps to delete your LinkedIn account:

  1. Head to LinkedIn and sign in with your username and password
  2. Click on ‘Me’ in the top-right corner of the screen
  3. From the dropdown menu, click on ‘Settings & Privacy’
  4. Click on the ‘Account preferences’ on the left and scroll down to ‘Account management’
  5. Click on ‘Change’ next to ‘Close account’, provide a reason for deletion and click ‘Next’
  6. On the next page, enter your password and click on ‘Close Account’
  7. Done
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