How to Earn Money Online Without Investment – Ultimate Guide

Having the power to make money solely through online channels without investment is a dream that many individuals aspire to achieve. Thankfully in the digital age, there are plenty of online avenues for you to explore and make money from.

In the modern day, you can quite quickly learn new skills and utilize them to make money, all with nothing more than a regular smartphone. With the advent of affordable internet connections, people have been putting in the work and getting great results to the point where they have made their entire living out of online avenues of income.

However, most people keep wondering what these avenues are and what it takes to start making an active income from them. In this article, we will take a detailed look at potential methods to make money online without investment and which is the best choice for you. The pandemic, too, has opened a lot of avenues for people, and freelancing jobs are now easier to find. People are also now spending a chunk of their time on social media, and affiliate marketing is on the rise. So let us look at all these avenues and how they can help you. 

Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps the option of making money online that takes the least amount of effort if you have an active audience is being an influence or affiliate marketer. Such professions have made many go from rags to riches as it purely relies on their ability to captivate their audience. 

This is because once you have people that are following you, it becomes very easy for you to promote products from other brands to your audience. The only challenge is building the audience, to begin with, and maintaining an excellent, trustworthy public image. 

Estimate earnings per month: Rs 10,000 – Rs 10,00,000*

Examples of affiliate marketing:


With commissions ranging from 30% to 75%, Clickbank is a digital marketplace that sells a variety of goods, such as e-books, software, and courses.


Depending on the kind of hosting plan sold, Bluehost, a provider of web hosting, gives commissions ranging from $65 to $130 per sale.


Udemy is an online educational resource that provides classes on a range of subjects. On each course sold, affiliates can receive commissions of up to 50%.


Airbnb is a website that enables people to let guests stay in their homes or apartments. Each booking made using an affiliate’s link can earn them up to $100.


One of the most well-known and commonly utilized affiliate marketing programs is Amazon Associates, which offers commissions ranging from 1% to 10%, depending on the product category.

Taking freelance jobs

If you possess any sought-after skills such as video editing, writing, graphic design, or anything else for that matter, then it is time to put those skills to good use with some freelance opportunities. These freelance opportunities are known for being very lucrative once you have built a solid portfolio. Let us look at the top places where you can find freelance gigs. 

Estimate earnings per month: Rs 5,000 – Rs 1,00,000*


The global hub for industry professionals and the biggest employers on the planet, LinkedIn is one of the best options to start out your freelancing journey. This is because almost all of the biggest and smallest companies use LinkedIn for talent acquisition, giving freelancers a ripe opportunity to dive into their dream positions.


Truelancer is often regarded as one of the best platforms for beginners to start their freelancing career and make money quickly. This is because it has relatively lower competition and rushes when it comes to job postings and the number of applicants. The site is free to use for finding gigs, making it an excellent choice if you want to try it. 


The best-known site among freelancers, Fiverr has consolidated its reputation as one of the most reliable places to find new opportunities. Freelancers and clients from around the globe come to Fiverr because of its popularity, making it very easy to find new jobs on the website daily. 


Upwork has been giving other freelancing platforms a run for their money for years because of its growing number of users and unique application method. To apply to any given job listing, freelancers must use their tokens called “Connects.” After pledging a reasonable amount of Connects, you can position yourself above the competition, making it easy for new freelancers to be at the top of any job applicant list on the platform. 

Freelance India

As the name suggests, Freelance India is primarily geared toward the Indian audience and aims to provide a healthy platform for employers to post gigs online. It is a platform that holds a lot of potential for new freelancers, given that it is relatively less explored when compared to the other platforms on this list. 

Selling products online

Be it through dropshipping or selling your own original products. Online sales are a great way to start making money online as fast as possible. All you have to do to succeed is find a range of products you can sell and find a platform to do so with little to no resistance.

Estimate earnings per month: Rs 1,000 – Rs 1,00,000*

Amazon India

As the single largest online retailer in the world, Amazon is the go-to option for entrepreneurs that are looking to bring their products into the market. Given its insane amount of traffic, it is very likely that your products to be discovered and bought by prospective customers. If you maintain a consistent level of quality, it is very easy to build a brand on Amazon. 


Often referred to as the “Amazon of India,” Flipkart has made its mark on the market as a reliable and worthy competitor to Amazon. Flipkart often boasts better deals than Amazon on some products making customers flock to the platform and use it over amazon, making it a worthwhile option to establish your business.

Etsy India

A heaven for DIY enthusiasts and handicraft sellers, Etsy has a reputation for hosting some of the most creative and unique products on the market. The goal of Etsy India is to promote and create a space for individuals to sell all sorts of unique products. Everything from handmade items to vintage items can be found on the site, making it a favorite for many users. 


If you are looking to sell B2B goods, then Indiamart is the place to be. As the biggest platform for B2B sales in the country, Indiamart provides a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers and businesses to network and grow as a collective. 

Apps to earn online

Nearly all of the aforementioned methods of making money online require some form of hard work or dedication. Though there are still some options that we will look at for those that prefer a simpler way of making a stable income from online sources. 


RozDhan is a very straightforward app that gives its users a chance to earn real money by simply completing a given set of tasks. Upon completing the given set of tasks, you are rewarded with coins that can be converted to rupees soon after. You can also make additional money by referrals to your friends and family.

Moo Cash

Moo Cash operates on a very similar basis when compared to RozDhan as you have to complete a set of tasks to get rewards. These rewards can be anything from cashback coupons and gift cards to mobile recharge. The tasks themselves are quite simple and only require you to do things like download and use an app to complete them. 


If you have a vehicle in decent condition just laying around then you might as well use it to earn some money quickly. With concepts such as UberMoto being launched, even a small scooter can be put to good use. If you are good at scoping out rides, you should be able to make a hefty amount of money every day by driving around the city.


Property owners are rapidly listing their houses on Airbnb with every passing day. This is because of the greater potential for them to make profits on their property. Instead of simply getting a monthly rent amount, you could convert your property into a hotel and get a daily rate that is much higher than what you would get if you listed it as a regular rental property. 


A completely free-to-use app, CashPirate allows its users to earn money by playing fun games and answering quizzes all day to your heart’s content. It hosts a broad range of quizzes and games for you to choose from that are usually very entertaining to play and take part in.

Task bugs

The final online money-making app on this list, Task Bugs, is an app that aims to turn the time you spend on your phone into profits. With over 250 brands on board, you get paid to use different apps and complete certain tasks. This app is perfect for those that like to try out new apps frequently, as it allows you to make money while having fun doing what you love.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Looking for Jobs Online

Online job searching has grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s now simpler than ever to look for job openings online and submit an application from the convenience of your home. To guarantee you have a fruitful job search, there are a few things you should bear in mind before you begin your online job search.

Know your skills and goals

Prior to beginning your online job search, it’s critical to have a clear knowledge of your professional goals and the abilities you can bring to the table. This will assist you in focusing on job openings that are the best match for your skills and interests while also helping you to focus your search.

Research your employer’s background

Before submitting an online application for any job, make sure to do thorough research about the company and the position to make sure you’re a suitable fit. Find out about the company’s culture, values, and mission, and confirm that the job duties correspond with your career objectives.

Verify the Job Listing’s Legitimacy:

Sadly, there are a lot of bogus job listings posted online that are intended to con job searchers. Before applying, you should always confirm the validity of the job posting. Watch out for warning signs, including ambiguous job descriptions, exorbitant compensation demands, and inquiries about personal information.


1. Are online jobs legit? 

Although there are scammers and fake job listings online, some internet jobs are legitimate and provide advantages like flexibility. Be cautious, look into the reputation of the employer, safeguard your personal information, and stay away from employment that appears too good to be true. Always make sure you’re not being conned by performing your due diligence.

2. Do online jobs require any registration fee?

There shouldn’t be any registration fees for online jobs. Real employers won’t demand payment in advance for your services. Yet, some freelance marketplaces or job boards may charge a fee for using their services or deduct a commission from your revenues. When registering for any online employment platform or freelance marketplace, make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions. 

3. What are the best platforms for students to earn online without investment?

Students can use a variety of sites to make money online without making any investments. Freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer are popular choices where students can market their abilities and services to clients all over the world. Participating in internet surveys, which can be found on websites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, is an additional choice. To develop a sustainable income stream, these platforms do demand time and effort, even though they don’t require an initial investment to get started.

4. What skills are required for students to earn money at home?

For freelance employment or creating an online business, knowledge of digital tools and technology, such as social media, graphic design, and video editing software, might be helpful. For tasks like freelance writing, editing, or translation, language and writing abilities are also crucial. For handling finances as a freelancer or business owner, basic accounting and financial management skills might be helpful.

5. What are the best online earning websites or apps?

Here are a few online earning platforms that you can use to get money from home. Popular choices comprise:

  • Users of the website and mobile app Swagbucks get compensated for online purchases, viewing videos, and completing surveys.
  • Users of Upwork can advertise their services in a range of industries, such as writing, design, and programming.
  • With the website Airbnb, people may let visitors stay in their houses or apartments.
  • Etsy is a website where you can buy vintage and handcrafted goods.
  • On Amazon Mechanical Turk, individuals can carry out easy tasks in exchange for money.
  • UserTesting is a platform that pays individuals to evaluate apps and websites.
  • Uber and Ola are ride-sharing applications that let users make money by transporting other people.

*The earning potential depends on the person’s skill and the amount of time they are willing to invest.