How to split screen on Windows 10

Multitasking has become second nature for a lot of people during the past few months. Whether it is working from home or working for home, multitasking has been the game. While it is so essential to multitask at life right now, you can effectively multitask on your Windows 10 computer as well.

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With Windows 10, Microsoft has steered back in the direction of goodness of Windows 7 and burying the disappointment of Windows 8. The decision to roll out multiple updates during the year instead of a refresh cycle that came once every year or in three years’ time has helped the operating system.

Microsoft has confirmed that there are over a billion Windows 10 users in the world. In addition to system level performance improvements, the operating system also brings improved multitasking capabilities. So, if you use a Windows 10 PC then here is how you can do split-screen multitasking.

Windows 10 split screen: how to enable

With Windows 10, Microsoft has built a feature called Snap programs, which allows users to snap two or more programs side by side. If you have a computer with a large display then you can have up to four programs snapped side by side and get rich information with quick glance.

The most basic mode of multitasking is snapping two programs side by side. This will come handy if you are attending a meeting or an online class and need to take notes at the same time. This will also allow you to copy and paste between windows without any hassle. Here is how it works.

  1. Choose the program that you want to snap to one side of your screen. Click on the title bar of the program and drag it to one side of the screen until the mouse pointer touches the edge.
  2. When the mouse pointer reaches the edge, you will see the screen flash for a brief period and a line outline will show where the window will appear on the screen. You can now release the cursor.Windows 10 Multitasking
  3. As soon as your chosen program is snapped to one edge of the screen, you will see all the other open programs appear on the other side of the screen.Windows 10 Multitasking
  4. You can click on any of those windows to enter split screen multitasking with two programs.
  5. Both the programs will occupy 50 percent of the screen by default. However, you can change the ratio of screen given to each window by moving the mouse pointer between the windows.Windows 10 Multitasking
  6. The pointer will turn into a two-headed arrow and you can drag the slider to change the aspect of the screen used by each window.

How to snap four windows

Windows 10 Multitasking

The process to snap four windows for multitasking is similar to one mentioned above but we recommend you try this on a larger display or an ultrawide screen.

  1. Start with the program you want to snap and drag it using the title bar to the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. As the mouse pointer reaches the corner, the screen will flash and you will see an outline of where the window will appear. You can now release the mouse button.
  3. Now, drag the second window to the lower right corner and you will now have two windows on the right side of your screen.
  4. On the left side of the screen, you will now see all the open windows. Click the program you want to open and it will snap in full. If you want a fourth window, drag it by the title bar to the upper left corner.
  5. Click on the fourth program that you want to pin to the lower left corner.

How to snap windows using keyboard shortcuts

  1. It is much easier to snap windows side by side using keyboard shortcuts. Here is how.
  2. Open the program that you want to snap. Now, click the Windows button + right arrow key at the same time. This will snap the first program to the right side of the screen.
  3. On the left side of the screen, you will see all the open windows, click on the one you want to snap next.
  4. In the case of four windows, open the first window and then press the Windows button + Up arrow simultaneously. You can use all the four keys to snap four windows on the display.

How to unsnap a window

In order to unsnap a window from multitasking, you need to drag the window by the title bar away from the edge or the corner.