HTC One A9 To Get a Successor in the Form of HTC One A9s?

HTC turned a few heads when it announced the HTC One A9 at the end of last year. The phone was a blatant copy and a look-alike of the iPhone 6. In order to save grace, HTC did make a few design changes from the iPhone 6, where they moved the camera module to the center, converted the home button to an oval shape and made the earpiece grille wider when compared to the iPhone 6. Yet, the device, for all practical purposes, looked, exactly like the iPhone. Despite the similarity and promise of an iPhone running Android, HTC One A9 was not really a blockbuster hit that HTC expected it to be. Largely thanks to an average processor and less than ideal pricing, the phone fell away.

HTC One A9s

As unlikely as it may sound, but the HTC One A9 is set to get a successor. The successor will be called the HTC One A9s, if the reliable @evleaks is to be believed. HTC has followed Apple’s naming convention here, bringing out a successor with the ‘s’ moniker. If the A9 was a copy, the A9s is expected to be a photocopy of the iPhone 6, with HTC moving the camera module back to the top left, reducing the size of the speaker grille and therefore making the phone even harder to differentiate from the iPhone 6.

The HTC logo at the back and the oval fingerprint scanner are expected to be the major differentiators, as HTC has decided to do away with the HTC branding from the front too. The rear camera of the HTC A9s s expected to be 13MP while the front snapper would be 5MP. The phone is expected to be launched at IFA on September 1st, and will come with silver, golden and black colours.


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