HTC Shows A Video Of A Button-less Concept Phone – HTC Ocean

Innovation is the key to success and every company has to keep thriving for new innovations to survive in this cut-throat market. Smartphone maker HTC truly understand this and recently its product designer Danelle Vermeulen showed off an interesting glimpse of their new concept phone, HTC Ocean.


The design team of HTC created this video showing the handset with two cameras and a standout feature – Sense Touch. Vermeulen says that this concept is “a great example of a typical project within HTC” and in this case, “an answer to a call to pitch to a conceptual idea for CEO buy-in.”

The feature Sense Touch is a touch-sensitive metallic frame which let designers add contextual controls that occupy very little screen space, thus leading towards a clean and streamlined user interface. It also gives an idea about the kind of technology HTC is experimenting with for next high-end smartphones.

In the video, it shows swiping the touch-sensitive right edge summons voice assistant to give any command, while swiping the same spot inside the music app changes the volume. In a similar way, the same spot act as a camera controller while inside the photography app.

The appearance of the concept device is quite appalling with a sleek design and is devoid of buttons as a part of Sense Touch concept. There are also rumors regarding the line-up of HTC Ocean spawned in three different models.

According to recent leak by LlabTooFeR, the three different models of HTC Ocean are codenamed Ocean Master, Ocean Note and Ocean Smart. There is no other word on these devices apart from the codename. Let’s see whether this concept becomes a reality or not?

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