Huawei to receive 6-month trade repreive from US government

On: November 16, 2019

Back in May this year, search-engine giant Google had canceled Huawei’s Android license. The move was a result of the US crackdown on Chinese companies. However, the US government decided to delay the ban for 90 days until August 19th. In August once again, the Commerce Department extended the trade license for another 3 months. It is currently in effect till November 18th. The fate of Huawei has been hanging in balance due to delay in the ban’s enforcement. Now according to a report by Politico, the US Commerce Department is likely to grant another six-month trade extension to the Chinese technology brand. 

Huawei is the world’s second-largest smartphone maker in the world. Politico reports that another six-month extension will permit rural telecommunications firms to do some transactions with Huawei. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had stated back in August that several rural telecommunications providers depend on Huawei technologies. Recently Ross said that the government received more than 200 license applications from US firms to conduct business with Huawei. 

Just like the previous two extensions, the new extension will also likely allow software updates for Huawei devices. With the 6-month trade extension, users can expect updates until May 2020. However, it’s worth noting that only Huawei smartphones that received Google certification before the ban was imposed will be eligible for updates. The recently released Mate 30 series won’t see the software rollout.

This would be the third time a trade extension has been granted to Huawei.


Viraj Gawde

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