Huawei’s Android Ban Delayed For 90 Days

Yesterday, we reported that search giant Google suspended its services for Chinese smartphone maker Huawei. This was as a result of the US crackdown on Chinese technology companies. Huawei is currently the second-largest smartphone brand in the world and the move comes as a major setback for the company. Now the US government has delayed the ban for 90 days starting today.

Huawei will be allowed to purchase US-made goods during this period “in order to maintain existing networks and provide software updates to existing Huawei handsets”, according to a report by Reuters. However, the company is still prohibited from buying American parts and components to manufacture new products without license approvals. The temporary license will be in effect till August 19th.

Google’s Android license revocation has been put on hold for 90 days, that means existing phones will continue to receive security and app updates. Chipset makers Qualcomm and Intel have also joined Google in collaborating with the Chinese telecom giant.

Huawei’s co-founder, Ren Zhengfie, stated that “the temporary license means little as the company made preparations for such scenario”. Huawei has been anticipating a response like this from the US government, and the company already has contingencies in place. The company has built an alternative OS and the devices mostly feature Kirin chipsets developed by its HiSilicon subsidiary.


Viraj Gawde

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