Huawei Announce Smart Glasses With Built-In Mics and NFC Charging

On: March 27, 2019

Alongside the launch of P30, Huawei also surprised everyone by announcing smart eyewear. The company said that it’s partnering with Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster to launch its first smart glasses. The accessory will come in several models and the user can choose from either sunglasses or normal lenses. Huawei hasn’t revealed the price and availability yet but teased that they will be launched before July 2019.

As for the specs and features, the Huawei smart glasses are IP67 dust- and water-resistant. The glasses come with dual-microphone and speakers. Tapping on the temple of the glasses enables the user to answer calls hands-free. It features AI noise reduction that ensures clear audio. The antenna, chipset, speaker, battery and charging module are all integrated into the eyeglass temple. The smart glasses don’t have any physical buttons, so users can simply touch a particular spot on the frame to trigger any action.  The glasses also come with access to the voice assistant to provide you with information. 

The smart eyeglasses are powered by a 2,200 mAh battery unit with support for wireless charging via a case for storing the glasses. The case comes with USB-C port at the bottom.

It doesn’t look like the Huawei smart glasses come with a built-in camera. It’s also unclear what else one will be able to do with the glasses. We will have to wait until the official launch to get more details. 

Viraj Gawde

Viraj loves being in the creative field. Being a tech guy and resident tech advisor for his friends and family, his interest lies in smartphones, laptops and cameras. Passionate about creating art, his forte lies in photography. In his downtime, he loves gaming on his self-built rig and supporting FC Barcelona.