Huawei allowed to do business with US companies again

On: July 1, 2019

Huawei is now back in business as the US President Trump announced a potential ceasefire in a press conference after meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. For those not in the know, Huawei recently went through a tough phase as Google suspended its services to the company following a trade ban by the US. The Trump administration added Huawei and its affiliates to an “entity list”, which bars US companies from doing business with the Chinese company. As a result, Google, Qualcomm, Intel and AMD, among others, quickly severed their ties with the phonemaker.

The ramifications of the broken ties were massive for Huawei as these companies supplied almost everything for its smartphone and laptop division. At the press conference held in Osaka, Japan during G20 summit, President Trump announced that US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei provided there’s no great national security issue with those equipments. However, the POTUS confirmed that any discussions in this regard will be saved until the end of any trade talks. This was prompted by Jinping’s insistence that “lifting the Huawei trade ban would be an integral component in any trade agreement with the US.”

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This new development sparked a healthy discussion regarding how and why the US President allowed the US companies to sell technology to the Chinese giant. However, National Economic Council chairman Larry Kudlow mentioned, “All that is going to happen is Commerce will grant some additional licenses where there is general availability of the parts the company needs.” In simpler terms, Huawei will only be able to buy products that widely available around the world and sensitive equipments will still be off-limits. This includes all the 5G-related technology and services.

As of now, Huawei is still on the “entity list” at the time of these announcements. But we can expect the US to remove the company from the list as early as next week. Huawei had earlier promised that its P30 series flagships and Mate 20 Pro will receive the Android Q update soon. The brand should theoretically get access to the Android license again, but as of now, we don’t have any official statements from either Huawei or Google on the subject.

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