IDFC First Bank – Acko FASTag free home delivery offer: how to avail, recharge and minimum balance details

FASTag is becoming mandatory for all cars starting from February 15th, 2021. The transport minister has already made it clear that the government has no intention of extending the deadline. Now, there is a good chance that you have already got FASTag for your car. However, if you haven’t then you should not miss out on this offer.

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Acko Drive in collaboration with IDFC First Bank is offering FASTag for free to private vehicle owners in the country. The exclusive offer is called “Get FASTag for Free”. The best part being that you don’t need to provide RC or paperwork for this offer. Sounds too good to be true? We have all the details here for your understanding.

IDFC First Bank – Acko FASTag for free offer: what is the offer?

IDFC First Bank FASTag

FASTag will be delivered in three working days

In order to streamline the process of FASTag purchase, the government of India has certified 22 banks to provide FASTags across the country. IDFC First Bank is one of the banks offering FASTag to customers in the country. The government has confirmed that bank-specific FASTags are available at respective bank’s selected branches.

However, with this offer, you don’t even have to go through the bank’s point-of-sale location. You can also avoid standing at toll plazas because the fineprint of the offer notes that FASTag will be delivered to your home. The offer says that FASTag will be delivered home in three days with zero security deposit.

In order to get FASTag from Acko Drive and IDFC First Bank, all you need to do is share some of your personal details and vehicle details and add the initial wallet money. If you add a minimum balance of Rs 100 to the wallet then you will get FASTag for free.

IDFC First Bank -Acko FASTag for free offer: how to avail?

In order to avail this offer from Acko Drive, you must have your personal details, vehicle details and payment information at hand. Once you have those details, let’s get started.

  1. Go to this website.
  2. Enter the registration number of your car or any four wheeler and click on the arrow next to it.
  3. Now, enter your personal details.
  4. Enter the details of your car.
  5. The next step is to review and pay by loading the minimum wallet balance.

IDFC First Bank – Acko FASTag: how does it work?

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has made FASTag mandatory for all four wheelers in the country by February 15th, 2021. With FASTag, NHAI aims to make travelling through toll plazas like a breeze around the country. If you own a car then it is recommended that you get a FASTag before February 15th.

FASTag is a tech-enabled sticker, which works like a QR code, that can be stuck to your car’s windshield. This FASTag is further linked to your wallet or prepaid account where you can top-up the FASTag for your travel and continued use. The FASTag will eliminate the need for you to stop at the toll gate, pay by cash and wait for the receipt and then drive away.

Instead, there will be automated readers that will identify your FASTag and deduct appropriate money as you travel through a toll plaza. IDFC First Bank is one of the banks authorised by NHAI to distribute FASTags in the country. AckoDrive has partnered with IDFC First Bank to offer the FASTag for free to customers.

The FASTag from IDFC First Bank in collaboration with Acko Drive has a validity of five years from the date of purchase. However, you need to keep recharging the FASTag wallet based on your usage to drive through the toll plazas. When you purchase the FASTag, your wallet will be automatically created with IDFC Bank

The UPI ID of this wallet will be netc.@idfcnetc, which you can use to recharge. You can recharge via UPI or through credit or debit card, NEFT/RTGS or Net Banking or even via a cheque. Since you pay Rs 100 initially, the wallet will have Rs 100 preloaded to the account. For any issues, you can call 18002662250 for further information.

IDFC First Bank – Acko FASTag for free: list of benefits

The biggest benefit of this offer from IDFC First Bank and Acko Drive is zero security deposit and zero insurance cost. In other words, your only cost is the minimum balance that you add to your FASTag account. The process for getting the FASTag is also much simpler since there is no paperwork involved.

You don’t need to provide an RC copy or any other documents to purchase this FASTag issued by IDFC First Bank. With just a week left before the mandatory FASTag rule comes into effect, IDFC First Bank is also offering fast delivery within three working days. Lastly, you can use the same FASTag for payment of petrol or diesel at pumps operated by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL).

IDFC First Bank – Acko FASTag FAQs

What is the validity of IDFC First Bank – Acko FASTag?

The IDFC First Bank – Acko FASTag comes with a validity of five years and after purchasing, users only need to recharge or top up the tag as per their requirements.


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