India is reportedly delaying imports of Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO devices from China

There have been increasing tensions between India and China due to a border dispute in June this year. The former has banned several China-made apps including popular ones like TikTok, PUBG Mobile, Weibo and more. Recently the government of India also banned AliExpress and 42 more apps. 

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Now in the latest development, India has tightened its control of quality clearances for electronic goods from China. The fallout has affected smartphone brands as it has slowed down the import of devices and held up other products made by companies like Xiaomi. 

India delays approvals of China-made goods: iPhone 12 takes a hit

Apple’s iPhone 12 shipments were held due to BIS’s delayed approval process.

According to a Reuters report, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been delaying approvals for the import of China-made devices including smartphones, smartwatches and laptops. The quality control agency usually takes 15 days to process the imports but is now taking up to two months or longer.

The report adds that BIS started delaying approvals from August. As of Wednesday, November 25th, 1,080 applications to the BIS were pending out of which 669 of those had a waiting period of more than 20 days according to the agency’s website. This has severely impacted the delay of certain products from overseas and disrupting company schedules. 

The report also adds that the iPhone 12 was held in delays and Apple India executives contacted BIS to speed up its approval process. It’s unclear how long the iPhone 12 application was delayed. Apple has its production operations in India but newer models including the iPhone 12 are manufactured and imported from China. The Cupertino based company also assured the Indian government that it will expand its assembly operations in the country to reduce reliance on imports from China. 

Apart from Apple, BIS has also reportedly delayed smartwatch imports from Xiaomi and OPPO. The former was also denied imports of TV units and Samsung faced similar import hurdles. Since the India-China border tussle, PMO India Narendra Modi has been pushing for self-reliance and local production of electronic devices. 

The delay in the approval process by BIS is expected to hit major brands as well as consumers during the holiday season due to the product’s availability in the country. 


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