This Indian CEO offers jobs to Indians impacted by recent job cuts at Twitter and Meta


  • Dream11 CEO is offering jobs to all the Indian employees who lost their jobs during the recent mass layoffs
  • The CEO made a public announcement on Twitter

We all are aware of the mass layoffs by tech giants like Meta and Twitter. As thousands of tech workers are laid off around the world, particularly in Silicon Valley, the CEO and co-founder of Dream11, Harsh Jain, has issued a public call for Indians who have been laid off – particularly those with H1B visa concerns – to return to their homeland.

Harsh Jain tweeted, “With all 52,000+ tech layoffs in the US in 2022, please spread the word to remind Indians to return home (especially those with visa concerns) to help Indian Tech realise our hyper-growth potential in the next decade!”

In another tweet, Jain stated that his company is ‘profitable’ and is a ‘$8 billion co’ with more than 150 million users and ’10 kickass portfolio companies. He said that Dream Sports always looks for “excellent people, especially with leadership experience in Design, Product, and Tech!”

Furthermore, he asked people to recommend someone they know who “meets the above” and to contact the company at

According to the industry tracker, almost 100,000 tech jobs have been lost in the United States this year. The list contains big names like Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, Amazon, Walmart, Robinhood, Ford, and TikTok. Others, such as Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, have either paused hiring or stated that they are re-evaluating employment needs as the tech industry’s fast expansion shrinks due to rising interest rates and inflation.

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