Indian Market Sees iPhone Shipments Down by 35% YoY with Android Taking over 97% of the Market

The iPhone has never enjoyed the giant numbers in India when compared to some parts of Europe and America. However, more than once Tim Cook has stated that he sees India as an important market and over the last year or so Apple has been really aggressive in trying to push the iPhone sales. Be it via exchange offers or even via cashbacks through preferred Credit Card partners, Apple has been trying to make its India presence grow.


However, if the latest numbers are to be believed, it is not really working. Strategy Analytics show that the iPhone shipments in India in the Q2 of 2016 were down to 800,000 units as compared to about 1.2 million in the corresponding quarter last year. The total number of phones in shipped in India grew significantly by about 19%, which clearly indicates that once again the big winner here was Android. Pricing of Apple products has always been a concern in an extremely price sensitive market that India is, and with the failure of iPhone SE, you can see that the need of the hour is even more price cuts, if Apple wants to grow in India.

For those who are interested in the whole iOS vs Android debate, the percentage share of Android in this one year has grown from 90% to 97.1%. iOS, while powering about 4.5% devices in Q2 of 2015 has fallen to about 2.4% in Q2 of 2016. With reports incoming that Apple is set to increase the prices of the iPhone even more, you really wonder where exactly is this game going.


Arpit Verma

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