‘Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtroom’ OTT Release Date: New episode of popular series ‘Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtroom’ available to watch online on Netflix


  • Previous episodes of the Indian Predator series gained immense popularity among the viewers
  • The upcoming episode ‘Murder in a Courtroom’ showcases details about Nagpur-based Akku Yadav’s case.

Netflix’s popular documentary series titled ‘Indian Predators’ on true-crime cases, is about to wrap up with the final case, Murder in a Courtroom. Over the last few months, the show has gained immense popularity with episodes like ‘The Butcher of Delhi’ and ‘The Diary of a Serial Killer,’ and the final case of the series has already garnered interest ever since the trailer was released.

Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtroom Case OTT release details

Murder in a Courtroom revolves around the popular Nagpur-based criminal case, Akku Yadav’s bail hearing, set in 2004. With a series of interviews and dramatic re-enactments, the makers showcase the moments where a mob of women, carrying with sharp objects and stones, rush into the courtroom with an intention to kill Akku Yadav. Though the trailer does not highlight everything, it does create anticipation and raises related to the nature of violence, social justice, intentions, allegations and more. The answers of which will be available on the release.

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Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtroom OTT release details

Fans can watch Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtooom, on Netflix, on October 28, 2022.

Sharing more details about the OTT release, Netflix announced the show on Twitter with a message that read, “A serial killer murdered by his victims, was it revenge or remission? Find out on Indian Predator Season 3, premiering on 28th October.”

Indian Predator: Murder in a Courtroom – About Akku Yadav

For the unaware, criminal Akku Yadav was born in 1970s and grew near Nagpur’s Kasturba Nagar slum known to have housed many other minor criminals. As he grew up, Yadav became a name popular in the local criminal empire, and with his own gang, he began extorting people with robbery of items like vehicles, phones, homes, etc. This became his primary source of income, however, over the years, he was involved in cases related to kidnapping, rape, and others.

Yadav became a popular name among the slum-dwellers and was accused of more than 40 rape cases and over three murders. Fear about his presence spreads soon as he was said to be involved in sexually assaulting women, of all ages, in almost every alternate house. However, police identified a casteist undertone in these crime cases with many women being Dalits.

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Despite a long list of criminal cases, Yadav remained in the good books of several police officers and was popular to have offered bribes of all kinds to the police.  With several arrests and allegations accusing him, the police were not able to imprison him which bothered the victims, families and other residents who have testimonies which soon shed light on the negligent behaviour by the police and the system.

Yadav was arrested over 14 times and was detained in 1999 under the Maharashtra state’s preventive detention law.