OnePlus dominated India’s premium smartphone market in 2019: Counterpoint

Research firm Counterpoint has released its report for the state of India’s smartphone market for 2019. In the report, the firm claims that OnePlus dominated the country’s premium smartphone market for the whole year. The Chinese tech giant’s shipments grew 28 percent year-on-year (YoY), and the brand claimed one-third of India’s premium phone market. The report also mentions that OnePlus became the first-ever premium phone maker to cross two million shipments in a year in 2019. Notably, the contribution of the company’s ultra-premium segment to its overall portfolio grew a massive 25 percent last year, from only two percent in 2018.

OnePlus claimed a total market share of 33 percent in India in 2019

As per the report, OnePlus captured a total of 33 percent share in India’s premium market in 2019. The majority of the market share was contributed by the success of the OnePlus 7 series smartphones, which emerged as the number one premium phone model during the period. In addition, the report claims that OnePlus’ ongoing retail expansion in the country also attributed to the increased sales volumes. As for the other phone makers, Samsung claimed the second spot in India last year with a 26 percent market share, and it was followed by Apple with 25 percent. The Cupertino tech giant was the fastest growing premium smartphone company in 2019 with 41 percent YoY, thanks to the multiple price drops on the iPhone XR throughout the year.

“2019 has been a remarkable year for us at OnePlus. Every milestone we have achieved strengthened our pursuit for excellence in technology. We will remain dedicated towards creating burden-less and best-in-class user experience,” said Pete Lau, Founder and CEO, OnePlus. “This latest development is a testament that our approach is resonating well with our community in India. As we step into the new decade, we are excited to explore new tech innovations and re-define user experience for our community,” he added further.

The Counterpoint report also mentions that the premium phone market in the country registered its highest ever recorded shipments in 2019. The segment saw a rise of 29 percent in the year. The ultra-premium segment priced over Rs 45,000 emerged as the fastest-growing segment with a growth of 63 percent YoY.

Akshay Kumar

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