Jio beats Airtel in Delhi and Mumbai over 5G speed and connectivity

The 5G network is slowly spreading across India, with Airtel and Jio striving to finish the rollout by March 2024. The 5G network is currently available in major metropolises such as Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, and others. Another important aspect of the 5G network is its speed. In Delhi, Jio has a faster download speed than Airtel, at 598.58Mbps, versus 197.98Mbps for Airtel. Once the 5G network is widely available, these speeds might drop dramatically.

According to Ookla, which recorded 5G download speeds from June 2022 for the cities where 5G is currently available, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Varanasi have the fastest networks.

India’s 5G speeds

In Mumbai, Airtel had a download speed of 271.07Mbps, while Jio had 515.38Mbps. There is a large speed difference between the telecom networks in Kolkata. The download speed of Airtel is 33.83Mbps, while Jio’s download speed is 482.02Mbps.

On the other hand, it is hard to tell the difference between Jio and Airtel in Varanasi. 5G download speeds have been achieved by Jio at 485.22Mbps, while those at the latter have been achieved at 516.57Mbps. According to the Ookla report, Jio’s 5G performance depends on the spectrum band it uses.

C-band performance (n=78) ranged from 606.53Mbps to 875.26Mbps. With 28 5G networks (n=28), download speeds were below 100MBps (ranging from 78.69Mbps to 95.13Mbps).

Ookla reports that Airtel achieved speeds between 365.48Mbps and 716.85Mbps when deploying 5G using only its C-band spectrum. The largest growth of 5G-capable devices has been seen on Jio’s network (67.4 percent) over the past year, followed by Airtel (61.6 percent) and Vodafone Idea (56 percent).