Infinix launches 180W Charger, it will charge 1 to 50% in 4 minutes; do you need one?


  • Infinix launches whooping 180W Thunder Charge Technology
  • It will charge future flagship smartphone from Infinix
  • The 180W Thunder Charge comes with 20 temperature sensors to keep the smartphone safe

Infinix has launched the rapid 180W Thunder Charge Technology, which will debut on select Infinix flagship phones to be announced in the second part of the year. The exciting technology will enable customers to obtain a 50% charge of the 4500mAh battery in just four minutes, enabling a faster and safer charging experience.

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Android OEMs are currently obsessed with delivering ultra-fast charging speeds, and we have already seen smartphones surpass the 150W threshold. Infinix will soon increase its output to 180W. 180W Thunder Charge includes Furious and Standard charging modes. The furious mode gives consumers 180W super-fast charging with a click. So let’s take a closer look at Infinix’s new 180W Thunder charger technology.

Infinix 180W Thunder Charge Technology

infinix 180w thunder charge

Regular smartphones with fast charging capabilities often utilise batteries with a charging rate of 1 to 3C. However, 180W Thunder Charge employs batteries with a rate of 8C, decreasing the likelihood of the battery overheating due to the Thunder charging technology. Also, the 180W Thunder Charge uses two 8C-rated batteries connected in series. This means that each battery’s charging power is only 90W while being charged, reducing heat and making the batteries last longer.

According to Infinix, the new 180W Thunder Charge protects smartphones, chargers, and charging cables with 111 software and hardware security features. To keep the smartphone safe, the new 180W Thunder charger technology comes with security protection, activated when abnormal scenarios – such as high temperatures, increased voltages, electromagnetic interference, and more – occur.

In addition, there are 20 temperature sensors in the 180W Thunder Charge, which are located in USB inputs, charging chips, the battery, and several other places. In real-time, a clever temperature control algorithm keeps track of everything, including the charge. For a safe and faster-charging experience without excessive heat or battery deterioration, the smartphone keeps its oil temperature below 43 °C while charging.

180W Thunder Charge cable contains an Infinix unique encryption chip that delivers 180W power transmission for an ultra-fast charge. With the 180W Thunder Charge, the cable’s power transmission capability is automatically detected and adjusted. In addition to providing 180W charging for upcoming Infinix flagship devices, the charging adapter is compatible with several fast charging protocols. It can provide up to 100W charging for other mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

The anxiety of running out of juice is real. It is good to see the technology trying to address the need gap. However, the bigger question that we are wondering is how much is too much in case of a charger. We already had 150W, would 180W make any incremental difference? And from here on, where is technology headed.