Instagram chronological feed to return early next year, Adam Mosseri confirms


  • Instagram is bringing back its chronological feed next year
  • It will also introduce a favorite feature 
  • Both the chronological feed and favorite feature will be optional for users

Instagram chronological feed is coming back next year. At a Senate hearing yesterday, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram said that it is working on a version where users posts will be shown in chronological order. 

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To jog your memory, the popular photo-sharing platform had switched to algorithm-based feed way back in 2016 and also updated the next year. It sorted the user’s feed post based on their preferences. A vast majority of users disliked this change, however, the latest development is something to cheer for.

Instagram chronological feed is returning back next year

Mosseri said that the chronological feed is expected to launch early next year. The Meta-owned company has been working on the feature for months. In a tweet, Instagram revealed that a chronological feed will enable users to see posts from people they follow based on the timing of the post. The app will also add a ‘favourites’ feature that will show posts from the people you wish to see higher up the feed. 

In the past, Instagram has consistently defended its algorithmic feed that uses AI to create what the photo-sharing app considers personalised feed based on the user’s preferences. In a blog post shared in June this year, Mosseri stated that chronological feed made it impossible for a majority of users to see posts from the people they follow. He added it became impossible for most people to see everything, let alone all the posts they cared about.’

The exact launch timeline of the chronological feed on Instagram remains unclear at the moment, however, Mosseri added that it aims to release the version in the first quarter of 2022. 

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