Instagram will let users search using keywords: here’s how it works

Instagram is constantly working on improving the features on its platform and algorithms to help creators. The photo-sharing platform is now rolling out an enhanced search option in select countries. Currently, the search option lets users search hashtags, accounts, or location. Now, the social media platform has announced that users will be able to search for posts related to the keywords themselves.

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The Verge reports that English-speaking users in six countries including the UK, US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada will now be able to search using keywords. This advanced search option will work even if the related post doesn’t have a relevant hashtag. Here’s how the feature will work.

Instagram will soon let users search using keywords

Instagram will now let you search using keywords

Instagram will now let you search using keywords

As of now, when users search for a term on Instagram say “food blogger”, the algorithm looks for posts that have used the hashtag #foodblogger or accounts that have the words food blogger or its variations in the account handle or bio. With the enhanced search option, the algorithm will look for relevant content related to the keyword food blogger. The advanced search will bring up posts relevant to food blogging even if the specific tag has not been used.

The Instagram search algorithm will use multiple factors to determine relevant posts. According to The Vergea company spokesperson revealed that a number of factors will be involved in finding relevant posts. These will include the type of content, caption used, and the time of posting. Additionally, the platform will also use machine learning to find the most relevant content relevant to the search term.

As of now, the advanced search will only show the feed posts, which means that IGTV videos and reels not posted on feeds will not show up when searching a keyword. Additionally, the Instagram spokesperson also revealed that the advanced search is currently limited only to general interest topics and keywords that are within Instagram’s community guidelines.

In related news, Instagram has also rolled out its ‘Guides’ feature to all users. Initially rolled out to a handful of influencers back in May 2020, the Instagram Guides lets users post tips, resources and other long-form content through a dedicated tab.


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