Instagram will soon notify users on outages and account status


  • Instagram is working on new in-app features
  • It will notify users on outages and their account status
  • It will test the feature in the US before making it available to a wider audience

Instagram is working on a new in-app feature that will notify users on outages and technical snags. On October 4th, Facebook suffered its worst outage since 2008. Other company properties like Instagram and WhatsApp were also impacted, with all three being down for several hours.

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The first outage lasted for around 6 hours across the globe. The same week, all three apps encountered a second outage. By introducing the new feature, the popular photo sharing app aims to eliminate confusion when there is a major technical problem or an outage.

Instagram to notify users on outages, technical issues

Instagram acitivity fead

Instagram is testing an in-app feature to notify users of outages

Instagram is working on a feature that will notify users in their Activity Feed when the app encounters an outage or technical issue. It will also notify users when the issue is resolved. The Facebook-owned app said that it will release a notification when it finds that users are confused and looking for answers related to an outage or a technical snag. It will not notify users on every outage, but will inform them when there is a serious issue or when a technical problem is taking longer to fix.

A test run of the new feature will be carried out in the US first. After experimenting for a couple of months, the company will consider launching it in wider markets.

Instagram Account Status feature in works


Instagram to soon add “Account Status” tool

In 2020, Instagram rolled out the Support Requests feature that provided people with additional information on anything they previously reported on the app. It also let people know whether they violated any Community Guides while posting. Now, it is introducing a new feature called Account Status to provide more on what’s happening on their account and content distribution.

The Account Status feature will let users know whether their account is at risk of getting disabled. In addition, it will add some more information to the tool through which users will come to know how their content is being distributed and recommended on Instagram. If a user feels that Instagram made an incorrect decision on violations, it will provide an option called “Request a Review” to let him/her appeal to revoke it. The Facebook-owned app will be sharing more information on these features in the future.

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