Instagram Stories Gets ‘Share To Facebook Story’ Button

Instagram has always been one of the most popular social media platforms ever since its inception in 2010. The picture sharing platform opened up new horizons of digital marketing after getting acquired by Facebook in 2012. And the popularity only soared with the introduction of ‘Stories’, in 2016 where you could share a photo or video and broadcast it to all of your followers. The Facebook-owned company has been working towards improving the ‘Stories’ feature lately with the introduction of GIFs, integration of Netflix and Spotify to share what you are watching or listening to, and more. The latest update to the feature comes in the form of a quick sharing button for Facebook.

We spotted the new feature on both the iOS and Android Instagram apps. If you have already received the feature, you should see the signature ‘f’ button of Facebook next to ‘Highlight’. Tapping on the ‘F’ button for the first time gives you the option to share to your Facebook story just once, or everytime.

Notably, another Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp has been teasing the same feature for a while now and has also introduce the same in its Beta software. WhatsApp Beta users were able to see an ‘Add to Facebook Story’ option in their Status tab after they had uploaded a story.

Abhiman Biswas

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