Instagram introduces Threads, a messaging app for your close friends

Facebook has launched yet another  instant messaging app, this time for Instagram. The new app is called ‘Threads’ and has gone live on both Android and iOS across all regions. Notably, the app has been in the news for a while now and is being touted as Facebook’s choice of ammunition to take on Snapchat. The new app comes as the successor to the standalone ‘Direct’ messaging app that was developed to work alongside Instagram, but eventually put to rest.

Threads is a standalone app that comes with the full set of creative tools, such as text, photo/video messages and emoji from Instagram to let you communicate exclusively with the people you choose. At setup, the app asks you to select your ‘Close Friends’ and gives you a dedicated inbox consisting of only those friends. Further, Threads lets you select up to seven contacts that will be displayed on the main camera screen. You can either directly tap on the contact head to send a moment to them or use the default camera mode and select multiple people from your list of close contacts. The functionality is quite similar to how the Snapchat works, but with the ease and features of Instagram.

The main difference that Threads has over its competition is the presence of the auto-status update. This is an optional feature and users can choose not to turn it on if they have privacy concerns. The auto-status update can gather data like location, movement, battery level and network connection of your smartphone to put up relevant statuses. To illustrate, if you are at a cafe, the app will detect the same and set your status to ‘at cafe’ and likewise. Apart from this, the rest of the features are similar to Instagram Stories, including stickers, Gifs, text and more.

Threads has already started rolling out to Android and iOS users starting today. Have you started using it yet? Share your experience with us in comments.

Pratik Vyas

Pratik has over 8 years’ experience in the field of tech. Passionate about technology, you’ll usually find him running rigorous gaming tests on the latest smartphones. When he’s not at his desk, he’s usually demolishing opponents in a game of table tennis.