Instagram to Soon Allow Direct Shopping and Payments Inside the App

If you use Instagram, you must be well aware that the service doesn’t allow links in the caption. The major reason behind doing this is to avoid pulling engaged users out of Instagram. Since there is no external way out, users are more likely to spend additional time on the photo-sharing app. Another aspect that made users leave the app and break their flow is when they see an advertisement or post promoting a product which they want to buy. Instagram is now making it possible for users to directly buy and pay for the product right inside the app.

TechCrunch reported that several users in the US have already received the feature to shop and make payments in Instagram. Even the company spokesperson confirmed it that the feature is live for a set of users. Currently for users those who have this feature, they can add their debit/credit cards and set a profile PIN for additional security. After doing this, they can simply pay for the services or make appointments directly from the app itself.

As of now, the native payment feature is enabled for just a few businesses, one of them is US-based dinner reservation app Resy. Instagram also says that in the future, it will allow buying movie tickets within the app. So, players like BookMyShow and PayTM that sell movie tickets will be able to sell tickets on Instagram as well. Earlier in 2017, Instagram had claimed that it will let users book appointments and make reservations. This feature conforms to that plan but also adds native payments to make the experience more seamless.

If Instagram brings this in a full-fledged manner for all its users, this will change the buying patterns of a lot of young users. Impulsive buying will take a new shape and allow users to purchase just with a few clicks right from within the social media they spend the most time in. This is also great news for brands as they now get to enable their target audience to buy rather than just show them promotions. With this, Instagram is likely to see a huge influx of money spent on its platform for ads. It is yet to be seen whether Instagram will take a cut from the revenues generated via its platform.

As users, get ready to witness a lotof shopping advertisements and promotions on Instagram as marketeers will definitely look forward to capitalize on this new way of shopping.



Image Sources: TechCrunch

Aditya Mohanty

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