InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon answers today: play and win 50 miles

On: February 4, 2021

InterMiles used to be one of the most popular rewards platform in the country. It is where people saved all the miles from their travel. It is also the place where people turned their miles into clever rewards. The options that InterMiles offered were enormous. However, it is now available in a skeletal form of itself.

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Since Jet Airways went under, InterMiles has also lost its sheen. A lot of people banked out of their miles and redeemed it wherever possible. However, the institution itself does not seem to be done. It is not only trying to stay relevant but also rewards its customers. Meet InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon.

InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon answers

  • Brazil
  • Won
  • Dinar
  • Iceland
  • 8
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Lira
  • Indonesia

InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon questions and answers

Question 1: Which country’s currency sounds like the currency of Qatar?

Answer: Brazil

Question 2: _____ is the currency of the Korean Republic

Answer: Won

Question 3: What is the currency of Kuwait?

Answer: Dinar

Question 4: If you pay for a meal in krona, you’re in

Answer: Iceland

Question 5: Peso is used in ____ countries

Answer: 8

Question 6: If you pay in Riyals, you’re in

Answer: Saudi Arabia

Question 7: What is the currency of Turkey?

Answer: Lira

Question 8: Which country’s currency is derived from the Sanskrit word Rupyakam?

Answer: Indonesia

What is InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon?

InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon, as the name clearly reveals, is a quiz but in the style of a marathon. Not literally a marathon but you have multiple questions to answer here. In fact, one can argue that it is among the easiest quiz contests out there and does not go in the same league as Amazon Daily Quiz or Flipkart Daily Trivia in terms of difficulty.

The Quiz-a-Thon from InterMiles sees six questions being asked for each and every account. Guess what, these six questions will be asked from a set of eight questions. If you answer all the questions correctly within 90 seconds or answer at least four questions correctly then you will get 50 miles.

Right now, InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon is being held from February 4th to February 10th, 2021. The bottom-line being that you have to answer six questions to earn 50 miles each week. We want to once again note that the questions won’t be the same for all the users. However, InterMiles will ask from a set of eight questions.

InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon answers: how to play

  • Download InterMiles app from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and sign in or create a new account.
  • On the homescreen, you will see a section called InterMiles EveryDay
  • Either click on View All or directly jump to Quiz-a-Thon.InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon
  • Click on it.

InterMiles Quiz-a-Thon: terms and conditions

  1. Your chance to earn InterMiles increases when you answer more questions correctly.
  2. It also increases if you answer all questions correctly within the given time.
  3. Once you start the quiz, you will not be allowed to skip a question or go back to the previous question.
  4. If you cancel then you will neither get a chance to win the InterMiles quiz or start a fresh round.
  5. You will get a total of 90 seconds to complete this quiz.
  6. In order to play this quiz, you will need to pay Rs 199 for Red+ membership that lasts for a total of 12 months.
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