Hyundai’s new Ioniq 6 EV can run for up to 614 km on a single charge


  • The Ioniq 6 was first unveiled in July this year
  • Hyundai will also offer a low-range version of the Ioniq 6 which can run for 492 km
  • The company hasn’t specified if the new EV will make its way to India

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 was the company’s most recent addition to the Ioniq lineup, with the automaker’s Ioniq 5 SUV already available in India. Hyundai unveiled the Ioniq 6 in July this year, and the EV is expected to be available across Europe and North America by next year. The company is now taking the opportunity to generate some hype about the upcoming electric sedan by announcing its official WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) range of 614 kilometres.

Notably, Hyundai revealed the Ioniq 6 in July with an estimated range of 610 km on a single charge, a 30% increase over the Ioniq 5. The South Korean manufacturer claims that the high range is possible due to the aerodynamics of the EV, including ultra-low wind resistance, resulting in a drag coefficient of only 0.21.

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It’s worth mentioning that while the long-range (77.4 kW) version of the Ioniq 6 can run for up to 614 km, the more affordable low-range variant runs for up to 429 km with its 53 kW battery pack.  ​​

Speaking on the advancements included with the Ioniq 6, Byung Hoon Min, Head of Total Vehicle Performance Development Center at Hyundai Motor Company said, “Our focus on improving aerodynamics helped to achieve one of the longest all-electric range vehicles available, which will reduce customers’ EV range anxiety and help grow the segment.”

Unfortunately, Hyundai hasn’t talked about plans to launch the Ioniq 6 in India. But with the company already selling the Ioniq 5 EV in the country, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company has the new Ioniq 6 on the roadmap for India.

Via: The Times of India