iOS 10 Already Installed on More Than 34% of the Active iOS Devices

If you are an Android user/ over/ fan, you may want to quit and check out some cool posts that we write on Android phones, cause this will boil blood.

Apple has been very proud of the vertical integration that iPhone features. Right from software to hardware, to the symbiosis of the two, Apple has a strong control on everything iPhone. A result of this is that the updates that are released are rolled out at the same time to all the active devices and generally Apple makes sure that at least a few generations down are covered and get the latest software updates. While Google says that a Nexus (soon to be Pixel?) smartphones are only guaranteed to get the latest software update for 18 months, Apple rolled out iOS 10 to even the iPhone 5, remember you were four years younger when that device came out?


A result of this is crazy good adoption rates on the devices. The trend continued with the release of iOS 10, where already more than 34% of the active iOS devices, including the likes of iPhone and iPad have the latest iOS 10 update. About 62% of the devices are still on iOS 9 and a mere less than 5% devices are on iOS 8 and below, perhaps those people who have no access to the internet for years. Compare this to Android, and you see why there is a brewing jealousy, where even the second most recent update, Android 6.0 or Marshmallow is not even the second most installed version dropping behind Jellybean and Lollipop.


On day one, when iOS 10 was released, about 14% people had upgraded to iOS 10, which is despite a spread news that iOS 10 was bricking iPhone and therefore to proceed with caution. This is truly a remarkable figure, where it has been just about a week since the official launch of iOS 10 and a very large population has already moved on to interesting features like a redesigned iMessage app, lockscreen with widget support and several redesigned apps. iOS 10 needs to jump on to devices of another 16% of the Apple userbase to overtake iOS 9 as the fastest adopted software update yet.


Arpit Verma

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