iOS 11 Public Beta is now officially released

iOS 11, which was announced in this year’s WWDC event has been released as a public beta version today. iPhone and iPad users can now upgrade their OS and expect it to be considerably less buggy than the developer’s build version. However, the public beta might still have a few bugs and may behave abruptly at times. If you are wary about going through a rocky OS experience, wait for the public release which is scheduled to happen around September.

iOS 11 is compatible with iPhone 5S and above, iPad 5th generation and above and also iPod Touch 6th generation. If you plan to opt for the public beta, it is advisable to back up all your data before proceeding. Even Apple asks its users to test the public beta only on their secondary devices.

If you choose to download the Public beta of iOS 11, you would need to follow the below steps:

  1. Head to where you will need to sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Accept the agreement to enroll your device in the public beta program.
  3. In the signed in interface, click on “Enroll your devices”.
  4. Choose “iOS 11” after this.

If you are already following the above steps on either your iPhone or iPad, you can follow the below steps. Or else, you will need your iOS device handy to proceed further. Make sure that the particular device is compatible with iOS 11.

  1. Open Safari, then visit and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. If you are already enrolled in the beta program, you will see the configuration interface.
  3. Your device will prompt you to install this configuration.
  4. Just follow the on-screen instructions and iOS 11 public beta will be downloaded to your phone.

Once these steps are done, go to your phone settings and choose “Software Update”. Here, you will find an option to install the latest beta update of iOS. Ensure that your data is backed up and you can proceed for installation.

Apple requests its users to send them valuable feedback. To facilitate this, they have also provided a Feedback assistant app, which you can find right on your home screen after you install the public beta of iOS 11. The OS is already configured to send anonymous data and relevant information to Apple. If you wish to stop this from happening, turn this feature off by going to Privacy in your device settings.

In case you wish to opt out of the public beta anytime, the process is quite simple as well. When you visit the public beta page on your device, towards the bottom, there will be an option to unenroll your device. After you click that, the instructions will guide you towards opting out of the public beta.

For those who want to go back to the previous version of iOS can do so by restoring a backup through iTunes.

If you use it as your primary device, refrain from updating your OS so early. If you still wish to update it, make sure to back up all your essential data.

Aditya Mohanty

Previously co-founded a startup called WordKrowd, an online literature platform, which explains his love for writing and reading. Thinks about startups and technologies all day long, thus got himself to Pricebaba for a stint in writing. Stories, both fictional and real excite him. Other close recipients of love from him include good movies and good food.

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