Flipkart Big Billion Days confusion leads to iPhone 12 costing more than the iPhone 13


  • This isn’t the first snag to impact the retailer’s mega sale
  • Customers have also complained about sudden cancellations of their iPhone 13 orders
  • Flipkart has also increased the selling price of the iPhone 13 on multiple occasions

The Apple iPhone 13 is one of the hottest items on the market right now, courtesy of Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale. Apple’s 2021 flagship was teased for as low as Rs 49,900 at one point, though the retailer decided to bump up the prices gradually. This expectedly led to widespread confusion among potential buyers.

It now seems like all the confusion about pricing has also impacted Flipkart, with the company’s site listing the 128GB iPhone 13 for a lower price (Rs 57,990) than its 2020 counterpart, the iPhone 12, which retails for Rs 58,990 on the retailer’s site. While the 128GB iPhone 13 is no longer in stock, the iPhone 12 in the same storage configuration is available for Rs 58,990.

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Meanwhile, customers who want the larger 256GB storage variant of the iPhone 13 will also see a similar pattern. As of this writing, the 256GB iPhone 12 (Rs 67,990) costs more than the 256GB iPhone 13 (Rs 66,990).

In Flipkart’s defence, the company likely has a hard time keeping track of the price changes it has made over the past few days of the sale. Regardless, this is going to frustrate customers who recently bought the iPhone 12 only to realize today that the newer iPhone 13 is available for Rs 1,000 cheaper.

Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale marred by cancellations and delayed refunds

Over the weekend, multiple iPhone 13 buyers have complained about abrupt order cancellations by Flipkart, indicating low stocks. Furthermore, some customers are caught in the middle of the e-commerce giant’s refund process, with many not expected to get their money back until September 30, which also happens to be the last day of the Big Billion Days sale.