Leaked Apple iPhone 15 Pro CAD renders reveal USB C port, capacitive buttons


  • The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to launch in September this year, along with the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus
  • Apple is also rumoured to be working on an Ultra version of the iPhone 15
  • The company is finally expected to make the switch to USB-C, but with some limitations

Apple is expected to refresh the iPhone series this year, with the arrivals of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and the iPhone 15 Pro/Max models rumoured. There’s also believed to be an Ultra model in the mix, but it’s too early to confirm its existence. A new leak is now giving us a potential early look at the iPhone 15 Pro, highlighting some key design elements in the process.

These CAD renders come courtesy of 9to5Mac and are reportedly based on the info provided by Apple to case manufacturers across Asia in preparation for the big release later this year. It’s not uncommon for accessory manufacturers to get an early glimpse at an upcoming flagship.

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The inclusion of a dedicated USB-C port stands out from these renders, confirming Apple’s intentions to launch its first-ever USB-C iPhone. This move comes as the iPhone maker is under increasing scrutiny to adhere to Europe’s common charger initiative, aimed at reducing electronic waste.

These iPhone 15 Pro renders also show thinner bezels, along with curved edges. The smaller bezels would also translate to an overall smaller profile, though it’s unclear by how much. There’s a prominent camera bump visible as well, which could be our earliest hint of an upgraded camera system, as 91Mobiles points out.

Additionally, the renders also pitch the likelihood of capacitive buttons being used for the volume rocker and power button. This would be a big change from the current setup comprising physical buttons.

The USB-C port on the iPhone 15 lineup may be anything but conventional if a recent report is accurate. Continuing the company’s tradition of tightly controlling the licensing of certified accessories, Apple is likely to make some changes that could the iPhone hard to operate with just any USB-C cable.

What kind of restrictions will Apple place on third-party USB-C cables?

It has been rumoured that the manufacturer may include an authenticator chip on the ports, ensuring that only a certified charging cable (also with an authenticator chip) is usable. While this move doesn’t necessarily surprise anyone who has been following Apple’s business for a while, it’s something that the lawmakers have to contend with.

Source: 9to5Mac

Via: 91Mobiles