Is the iPhone 7 Exploding Now? Surfaced Pictures show Damaged Phone

Is Apple following the footsteps of Samsung now? Is it true? We’re not sure.


A Reddit user posted these pictures on Imgur which shows a burnt iPhone. This user claimed that his co-worker ordered the iPhone 7 Plus and received the box in the scorched condition containing this iPhone which looks like it might have exploded while in transit.

Though, it is quite early to assume that iPhone 7 has any problem similar to the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was recalled back due to the battery issue. According to the Reddit user, “a co-worker pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus and was excited to get it, only to be greeted by an exploded phone.” He also claimed that after posting these pictures, Apple official from Texas office reached out to his co-worker regarding the information about this damaged device and assured him that Apple executives and AT&T will work together to get him another device.


Though Apple hasn’t commented on this issue publicly and we’ve to wait for their response. But, many people commented on these pictures on Reddit and they believe that there’s no issue with iPhone 7 battery and it was an outside force that caused this damage to the device while being shipped. Few users are even skeptical about the authenticity of the burnt device to be an iPhone 7.

So, let’s wait for Apple to respond and find out how much truth does this story of a burnt iPhone 7 Plus hold in it.


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