iPhone tips and tricks: Apple shares 10 tips to improve the iPhone experience

Apple has shared the top 10 iPhone tips to improve your iOS experience. From pinning content to the home screen to stacking up widgets, these tips will change the way you use your iPhones. There is a myriad of iPhone features you may not have heard before. These features come in handy when you want more from your device or want to push it to optimal performance.

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Apple’s iOS is a beginner-friendly mobile operating system. Most users regardless of what kind of smartphone they use, can pick up an iPhone and get used to it quickly. But there are plenty of features hidden under its clean UI. Apple has shared a list of top 10 tips for your iPhone devices running on the latest iOS software. If you’re using an iPhone then these tips will help you get the best out of your device. 

Deleting in calculator

iOS calculator

The majority of iOS users have used the calculator app on the iPhone. However, not everyone knows about its swiping features. In case you’ve entered a wrong digit in the calculator app, you can swipe left or right to erase it. 

Pin content in Messages

iOS Pin content

This feature is only available on iOS 15. So make sure you update your device to the latest iOS version. With this feature, you can pin content from messages like new articles or web links. By pinning the content, you can always find what’s important to you in the relevant app. To do that, press and hold on to the content, followed by tapping on the Pin option. 

Stack up home widgets

iOS Stack up home widgets

Nobody likes a cluttered home screen. With this iOS feature, you can stack up widgets on top of each other to create a more neat home screen experience. This feature allows you to stack up to 10 widgets of the same size on the home screen. 

Select multiple photos at the same time

iOS multiple photos

This feature allows you to select multiple photos and share them with other iPhone apps. In order to make this feature work, you have to use multi-touch gestures. For example, in order to select 5 different photos at the same time, just press and hold on to any one of them and then tap on the other 4 photos to add them to the stack. Once you’ve selected the photos, go to the app where you want to share them while holding the stack and drop it there. 

Text replacement 

iOS Text replacement 

To get your message across faster, you can use the text replacement feature. The text replacement automatically replaces your phrase with an actual word or sentence. To use this feature, go to Settings and select the General option. From the available options, tap on the Keyboard and select Text Replacement. Once you’re inside, type in your phrase and the text/sentence you want to replace it with. Now, whenever your type the phrase in your text, the Text replacement will help you replace it with the actual word or sentence in the copy. For example you insert text replacement ‘Talk to you later’ for ‘TTYL’.

Swipe to open the camera

iOS camera lock screen

Arguably this is one of the best-hidden iOS features for photography enthusiasts. You can quickly swipe left to open the camera app on your iPhone. But wait, that’s not the best part. You can open the camera up without even unlocking your iPhone. Just swipe left from the device, and the camera will pop up.

Scan documents with camera

iOS Scan documents with camera

Scanning documents with smartphones is no rocket science. Smartphones users have been doing it for a long time. You can scan a document on the iPhone’s notes app using the camera. This features works on basically any iPhone device, and it only takes a few seconds to scan and edit a document on the iPhone. 

Interact with Live text

iOS Live text

Only available in iOS 15, the Live Text feature allows you to interact with the real-life text using your iPhone camera. To make this feature work, just hover your camera onto a piece of text and select the Scan Text button. This will trigger a cutout of the text, and you can basically do anything with it. For example, instead of writing notes in the classroom, simply use the Live text feature to capture everything on the board in a text format. 

Find the first photo in an album 

iOS first photo album

iPhones are known for their impeccable cameras, and clicking pictures with an iPhone is a given. If you’ve clicked hundreds of photos on your iPhone then going to the bottom of the album can be a tough task. You have to keep scrolling until you see the bottom of the album. But not anymore because with this new feature, you can jump to the first photo of the album by tapping on the top of the screen.

Access search with just a swipe

iOS Access search

This feature allows you to access the search bar without opening any app. You might have subconsciously used this feature without even knowing about it, but that’s okay because now you know. To use this feature, swipe down from the middle of the screen. This will help you access the search and Siri suggestions easily, and you can search apps, settings, and anything you want without going over the long process of native searching. 

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