iPhone XR was the world’s top-selling smartphone in 2019

On: February 27, 2020

Apple had launched the iPhone XR way back in September 2018. According to market research firm Omdia, the iPhone XR was the most popular smartphone of 2019. The report states that the Cupertino-based company shipped 46.3 million iPhone XR units last year, and 23.1 million units in 2018. In terms of shipments last year, the iPhone XR also beat the iPhone 11, which sold 37.3 million units. The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 took the first and second spot in the list of the top 10 shipped devices last year. 

Apple iPhone XR

The iPhone XR beat the iPhone 11 to become the best-selling smartphone in 2019

Despite this, Apple’s overall shipments declined from 5.1 percent in 2018 to 4.6 percent in 2019, for the second consecutive year. Omdia attributes this to the increasing price of the iPhones. The report states that “Apple has consistently owned the first and second positions in the global smartphone model shipment ranking, with the company maintaining this dominant position for more than five years running. The company’s continued dominance on this front is all the more remarkable when considering that Apple’s price hikes caused overall iPhone shipments to decline last year”.

South Korean brand Samsung occupied the third, fourth and fifth spots in the list of top shipments last year. The Galaxy A10, A20 and A50 shipped 30.3 million, 24.2 million and 19.2 million units respectively. The sixth place was taken by Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max, of which 17.6 million units were sold, followed closely by the iPhone 8 with 17.4 million units. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi entered the top 10 list with the Redmi Note 7 placed at the seventh spot, selling 16.4 million units. Notably, it is the only brand other than Apple and Samsung that made it to the list. The last two smartphones in the list were the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy J2 Core.  

The report further claims that 14.7 million smartphones equipped with 5G networks were sold last year, contributing to 1.1 percent of the total sales in 2019. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ 5G leads the race with 2.6 million units, followed by the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G with 2.5 million units. 


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