iQOO seeks its first Chief Gaming Officer to co-create India’s ultimate gaming experience


  • iQOO seeks its inaugural Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) to revolutionise mobile gaming and esports
  • Young gaming enthusiasts under 25 have a chance to turn their passion into an extraordinary opportunity

iQOO, a cutting-edge smartphone brand, embarks on an exciting quest to find its very first Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) and revolutionise the gaming and esports landscape on mobile devices. This extraordinary opportunity invites young gaming enthusiasts aged below 25, to transform their passion into a remarkable and gratifying experience. 

As iQOO’s CGO, one will join forces with the leadership team, exchanging invaluable gaming insights to curate a complete smartphone package that encompasses immersive gameplay, unique gaming styles, captivating presentation, and innovative game interpretations. Furthermore, one can forge connections with top gamers nationwide, delving into their expertise and building a gaming community like no other. To sweeten the deal, iQOO is offering an unmatched reward of Rs 10,00,000/- to its first-ever CGO. 

​​Speaking about the same, Nipun Marya, CEO of iQOO, said, “We recognise the undeniable passion and participation of GenZ in gaming. With their distinct preferences, they have the power to reshape the gaming and entertainment landscape. Our aim is to simply lead the way in innovation and thrilling gaming experiences for Indian gamers. This bold initiative represents our commitment to enhancing mobile gaming and fostering the growth of aspiring talent in the industry.”

GenZ to be the Chief Gaming Officer 

In 2022, the gaming scene in India achieved extraordinary milestones. GenZ emerged as the global leader, accounting for a staggering 17% of game downloads and an impressive 2 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs). Taking this momentum forward, iQOO now presents an exciting chance for GenZ to become their Chief Gaming Officer.

This opportunity paves the way for passionate gamers to turn their love for gaming into a promising profession. iQOO eagerly awaits the collaboration of talented and dedicated individuals who will help shape the future of mobile gaming.

To seize this thrilling opportunity, interested participants can visit iQOO’s official website or register on their Instagram handle, <iQOO India>. The registration process will be open from May 30 to June 11, 2023. Join iQOO in rewriting the rules of mobile gaming!

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