Jio Call Forwarding: how to activate and deactivate Jio call forwarding service on mobile using native settings and USSD codes

Jio call forwarding is one of the most underrated yet useful features to have. This basically means you can divert a call to your number to an alternative contact so that you don’t miss any important calls. You might want to use call forwarding to divert calls to your second number if you are in a low network area. There are also situations where you might be travelling abroad and take a local SIM. In these cases as well, call forwarding will ensure no call to your regular number go unanswered.

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This is where the Jio call forwarding feature comes into the picture. Users can choose to divert any incoming call to their Jio number to an alternate contact number, and the feature works even when there’s no network. However, you will need to be on the Jio 4G network and have a smartphone that supports call forwarding. Here’s everything you need to know about Jio call forwarding.

What is Jio Call Forwarding?

As mentioned before, call forwarding is a call diversion feature, which allows users to redirect their incoming phone calls to another phone number. It can be used for various reasons and prevent the user from missing any important calls. Modern-day smartphones let users set various rules for call forwarding. These include always forward the calls, forward only when busy, forward when unanswered, and forward when unreachable. As you can see, it’s pretty useful in various situations when you are certain that incoming calls might go missed.

How to activate Jio Call Forwarding on Android?

You can easily activate the call forwarding feature for your Jio number on Android. Simply follow the steps below to activate the feature.

  1. Open Phone app on your smartphone
  2. Click on the three-dot icon in the top right
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Click on Calls
  5. Now select Call Forwarding
  6. Choose between Always forward, when busy, when unanswered, and when unreached
  7. Next, input the forwarding number
  8. Click on Turn on

How to activate Jio Call Forwarding on an iPhone?

Just like Android, setting call forwarding on an iPhone is easy. All one needs to do is keep the steps handy.

  1. Unlock the phone and head over to Setting
  2. Search for Call Forwarding and click on that option
  3. If Call Forwarding is already active, you will be able to see it here
  4. If not, you just have to click on it and input the forwarding number

How to activate Jio Call Forwarding on iPhone?

The process to activate call forwarding on an iPhone is as simple as Android or even more so. Below are the steps to activate call forwarding on an iPhone.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Navigate to Phone
  3. Click on Call Forwarding
  4. On the next page toggle on the feature
  5. Next, click on Forward to and add the alternative number

How to activate Jio Call Forwarding through USSD codes?

Different manufacturers have different custom skins on their smartphone offerings and OS updates sometimes tend to shuffle settings around, If you are unable to find the setting mentioned above, you can use the following USSD codes followed by the forwarding number to turn on call forwarding.

  • *401*<10 digit number>: Divert all incoming calls on your Jio number to any other number
  • *403*<10 digit number>: Divert all incoming calls when you do not answer the call
  • *405*<10 digit number>: Divert all incoming calls when your number is busy
  • *409*<10 digit number>: Divert all incoming calls when your number is unreachable

How to deactivate call forwarding in Jio?

On-device for Android and iPhones you can follow the same steps mentioned above to turn off the call forwarding feature. Also, below is the list of call forwarding deactivate codes for various scenarios.

  • *402: Deactivate unconditional call forward
  • *404: Deactivate when set to no answer
  • *406: Deactivate when set to when busy
  • *410: Deactivate when not reachable or switched off
  • *413: Deactivate all call forwarding

Jio Call Forwarding: FAQs

Is call forwarding free on Jio?

Yes, the feature is available to all users without any additional cost.

What is *# 62 code used for?

With this USSD code, you can find out if calls and SMS on your number has been forwarded or diverted without your knowledge.

What is Call Waiting in Jio?

Call waiting is the feature that lets the caller know that you’re busy on another call and notify you of the new call in form of a beep sound. Users can receive the second call by putting the first call on hold.

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