Jio Cricket Play Along contest on MyJio app: how to participate, daily and bumper prizes, super squad and more

Jio Cricket is a brand new addition to MyJio app’s Jio Engage section, which hosts all kinds of contests and quizzes run by Mukesh Ambani’s telecom service. With IPL 2021 having started in the country, every brand is trying to run their own parallel contests offering rewards and exciting prizes. Jio, one of the means to watch IPL without spending a lot of money, does not want to stay behind.

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From Amazon’s T20 Cricket Fever Quiz and Amazon Pay T20 Mania, Flipkart Power Play with Champions QuizGoogle Pay’s Gully Cricket Offer to Domino’s discount on Pizza, there is something for everyone during this cricket season. With Jio Cricket, the telecom operator wants to do better than every other company trying to win over consumers during this IPL 2021 cricket season. Here is what you need to know.

What is Jio Cricket Play Along?

Jio Cricket Play Along is one of the many contests run by Reliance Jio on its MyJio app. The contest joins others such as Cadbury Wish Pack Campaign offer, MyJio App Lucky Draw contest among others. With Jio Cricket, Reliance Jio is trying to go big by offering both contests as well as mini games that you can play right within the MyJio app. Do note that this game has a lot of ads that can be annoying after a while.

First things first, you need to have an updated version of MyJio app to even see the Jio Cricket contest on the Jio Engage section. Reliance Jio notes that Jio Cricket will be held for a period of two months and rewards include prizes worth lakhs every match. As soon as you enter the Jio Cricket section, the first thing you will see is a banner about the match that is being scheduled for the day.

When you click on that banner, you will see two different types of quiz contest: pre-match and during the match. The prematch contest involves three different questions and they are all prediction type questions. Here, you will need to answer which cricketer might score maximum runs or which team will win the game or which bowler will take most wickets or even something more tricky such as whether there will be a super over in this game.

Once you answer all these questions, you will become eligible for the daily rewards of the game. These rewards are called the Match Bumper Prize and there is also a weekly bumper prize. In addition to this game, there is also a contest that is run once the match starts. This will involve real-time questions and those who answer correctly will again become eligible for daily rewards worth lakhs.

In addition to these daily questions being asked during the match as well as pre-match, there are other options as well. One of the first options is called Tournament Insider, which loads news content when you click on the “Read Now” button. The second section is called “Check Your Winnings” where you can check all of your winnings during the contest.

The third and fourth sections are mini-games called “Batter Challenge” and “Fielder Challenge”. With the “Batter Challenge” game, all you need to do is start the game, select your team and CPU team and then use the arrow buttons to hit the ball. You get three lives or in other words, the game will end if you are bowled out three times. This is similar to the classic games you would be accustomed to playing during the pre-smartphone days.

The second mini-game is called “Fielder Challenger” where you need to wear virtual gloves and catch the ball. Like “Batter Challenge”, the “Fielder Challenge” shows gloves which you can move and a virtual batsman will hit the ball. All you need to do here is move the gloves in the right direction to catch the ball. If you miss thrice then the game will end.

Jio Cricket Play Along: how to participate in this contest?

  • Download MyJio app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Login using your Jio number and OTP sent to your number.
  • Now, go to Jio Engage from the navigation bar at the top.
  • Click on the Jio Cricket banner to enter and participate in this contest.

Jio Cricket Play Along: What is a super squad?

In addition to the standard quiz and mini games, Jio Cricket also includes an option to create your own super squad. Consider this as a low-key fantasy league involving IPL and Reliance Jio. All you need to do is create your own team and make predictions as to which team will win the toss. If you predict correctly or if your super squad performs well then you will get a chance to win additional data and vouchers.

Your super squad should include at least one wicketkeeper, at least three batsmen, at least three all-rounder and four bowlers. You will start with around 1,000 points and get additional points for playing daily. The first team you create will cost you around 100 points. This is similar to Dream11 but here, you don’t spend actual money and instead you are playing with virtual points.

Jio Cricket Play Along: how to create your super squad?

  • Open MyJio app and click on Jio Engage.
  • Now, tap on the Jio Cricket banner.
  • Scroll to find Super squad option.
  • Click on it to see all the available rooms to compete.
  • Select any room of your choice and click on Join Room.
  • You will now see all the players available to add to your squad.
  • Select the squad of your choice and it will get created once you select all 11 players.
  • You can remove or add new players later.

Jio Cricket Play Along: daily prizes to win

  • Reliance Retail prize worth Rs 10,000
  • Reliance Retail prize worth Rs 5,000
  • Reliance Jio 1 year recharge worth Rs 2,121
  • Jio Mart prize worth Rs 1,000
  • Reliance Jio 84 days recharge worth Rs 555
  • Jio 2GB Data
  • Jio 1GB Data
  • Jio 500MB Data
  • Jio 250MB Data
  • Get 40 percent off up to Rs 100 on Dominos
  • Extra 5 percent off from Pepperfry
  • Flat 15 percent off at Ferns N Petals
  • Flat 15 percent off at Arata
  • Flat 15 percent off at The Man Company
  • Flat Rs 200 off at Arata
  • Flat 13 percent off at ChicMe

Jio Cricket Play Along: bumper prizes to win

  • Season prize worth Rs 50,000 from Reliance Retail Voucher – 3 lucky winners
  • Match prize worth Rs 10,000 Reliance Retail – 1 per match
  • Match prize worth Rs 5,000 Reliance Retail – 3 per match
  • Match prize worth Rs 1,000 Reliance Retail – 7 per match
  • Match Prize 336 days recharge worth Rs 2,121 from Reliance Jio – 5 per match
  • Reliance Jio Match Prize – 84 days recharge worth Rs 555 – 10 per match
  • Jio Match Prize 2GB Data – 100 per match
  • Jio Match Prize 1GB Data – 200 per match
  • Jio Match Prize 500MB Data – 300 per match
  • Jio Match Prize 250MB Data – 500 per match

Jio Cricket Play Along: terms and conditions

  1. Jio Cricket is a skill-based game conducted by Jio Platforms Limited.
  2. Any entry for participation in Jio Cricket is not transferrable.
  3. The eligible participant may be required to provide supporting documents such as proof of age and address.
  4. The company may contact the eligible participant at any time for clarification.
  5. The company reserves the right at any time to disqualify an eligible participant if any discrepancy is found later.
  6. The stipulated time to answer each question might vary according to different games.
  7. Only the answers received within a stipulated time will be considered.
  8. The company’s decision on correctness or incorrectness of an answer is final.
  9. The scores maintained by the company will be displayed as a leaderboard on the app.
  10. The company reserves the right to change the terms of this contest.
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