Reliance Jio offering free 2GB daily data to some users: here’s how to check if you’re eligible

Reliance Jio is known for offering 2GB free data per day for a limited period under its Jio Data Packs for select users. The Jio Data Pack offer was first rolled out in March 2020 just after the national lockdown came into effect. After the lockdown was extended for a second time, Jio revived the offer once again, giving select users 2GB data per day for 4 days.

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Now that we are in Lockdown 4.0, Reliance Jio has once again revived the Jio Data Pack offer, as some users have reported on the OnlyTech forum. This time around, Jio has increased the duration of the plan, thus increasing the total amount of free data being offered.

Reliance Jio offering 2GB free data per day to select users

Reliance Jio is offering 2GB data per day for 5 days to its users

Reliance Jio is offering 2GB data per day for 5 days to select users

Before we get into the details of the revived data offer, please note that Jio is not following any pattern and is randomly selecting users to credit the free data. You can check whether or not you have received the data by going to the MyJio app and checking the My Plans section. The free data is listed under the Jio Data Pack title, alongside the current plan benefits.

The data benefit of the Reliance Jio Data Pack remains the same, which is 2GB data per day. However, this time the telco has added an additional day to the plan, as users who reported having received the data claimed that the offer was valid for 5 days from the date of crediting. This means users are getting a total of 10GB high-speed data.

The free data benefit will be applicable over and above the user’s existing plan.

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