Jio Fiber postpaid broadband plans launched: zero installation charges, free 4K set top box and more

Jio has introduced Jio Fiber Postpaid services in India for the convenience of its users. Basically, Jio Fiber users will be able to continue using their broadband service without having to worry about the bill due date. The newly launched Jio Fiber Postpaid option will be available for all existing Jio Fiber plans starting from Rs 399 per month.

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Those opting for the postpaid option will not have to incur the security deposit and installation charges for the new connection. Additionally, the 4K set-top box will also be provided at no extra cost to new users. The ISP is offering an option to pay the Jio Fiber bill annually and half-yearly. Here is everything you need to know about the newly launched Jio Fiber postpaid option.

Jio Fiber postpaid broadband plans launched

Jio launches Jio Fiber postpaid service for its users

Jio launches Jio Fiber postpaid service for its users

The Jio Fiber Postpaid service will be available starting June 17th, 2021. The telecom operator claims to offer symmetric internet speeds with equal upload speed and download speeds. Currently, those opting for Jio Fiber have to pay a one-time refundable amount of Rs 2,500 in case they opt for the Wi-FI ONT modem as well as 4K set-top-box, and Rs 1,500 for just the modem. With the Jio Fiber Postpaid option, they won’t have to pay anything for the modem and only a Rs 1,000 one-time security deposit if they want the 4K set-top box.

The 4K set-top box lets users play OTT content from up to 15 platforms on Jio Fiber plans of Rs 999 and above. Jio has not specified any new plans for the postpaid option, so it’s safe to assume that the existing Jio Fiber plans will also be made available with the postpaid payment option. Users will have the option to pay monthly, half-yearly, and annually. Users can simply set up autopay for their Jio Fiber accounts and stop worrying about the bill due date. With the new option, Jio is targeting home offices and, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Jio Fiber Postpaid plans

Jio Fiber postpaid is being offered in two subscription formats – semi-annual and annual. Jio is offering seven plans under each subscription model. Let’s take a look at all Jio Fiber Postpaid plans.

  1. Rs 2,394 Jio Fiber Postpaid semi-annual plan
  2. Rs 4,194 Jio Fiber Postpaid semi-annual plan
  3. Rs 5,994 Jio Fiber Postpaid semi-annual plan
  4. Rs 8,994 Jio Fiber Postpaid semi-annual plan
  5. Rs 14,994 Jio Fiber Postpaid semi-annual plan
  6. Rs 23,994 Jio Fiber Postpaid semi-annual plan
  7. Rs 50,994 Jio Fiber Postpaid semi-annual plan
  8. Rs 4,788 Jio Fiber Postpaid annual plan
  9. Rs 8,388 Jio Fiber Postpaid annual plan
  10. Rs 11,988 Jio Fiber Postpaid annual plan
  11. Rs 17,988 Jio Fiber Postpaid annual plan
  12. Rs 29,988 Jio Fiber Postpaid annual plan
  13. Rs 47,988 Jio Fiber Postpaid annual plan
  14. Rs 1,01,988 Jio Fiber Postpaid annual plan

Jio Fiber Postpaid Rs 2,394 semi-annual plan / Rs 4,788 annual plan

This is the most basic Jio Fiber Postpaid plan priced at Rs 2,394 for six months and Rs 4,788 for 12 months. The plans offer 30Mbps upload and download speeds. Users will also get unlimited data with 3.3TB data usage policy in place. Users will also get unlimited free voice calling with these plans. There are no other benefits included.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Rs 4,194 semi-annual plan / Rs 8,388 annual plan

The Jio Fiber Postpaid Rs 4,194 semi-annual or Rs 8,388 annual plans offer a symmetric speed of  100Mbps, which means both download and upload speeds are 100Mbps. Users get unlimited data benefit with a 3.3TB data cap in place. Lastly, these plans also offers unlimited voice calling.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Rs 5,994 semi-annual plan / Rs 11,988 annual plan

According to the Jio Fiber Postpaid plans page, the Rs 5,994 semi-annual and the Rs 11,988 annual plans are the most popular plans in postpaid offerings. These plans offer 150Mbps download and upload speeds with unlimited data. However, users will be able to enjoy high-speed data up to 3.3TB. There’s the unlimited voice calling benefit as well.

Apart from these, there are 13 free OTT subscriptions including Amazon Prime Video, Sony Liv, Disney+ Hotstar VIP, ZEE5, Sun NXT, Lionsgate Play, Discovery+, Voot Select, Voot Kids, ALTBalaji, Hoichoi, ShemarooMe, and Eros Now. Users will also get access to JioCinema and JioSaavn.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Rs 8,994 semi-annual plan / Rs 17,988 annual plan

This Jio Fiber Postpaid plan is priced at Rs 8,994 for six months and Rs 17,988 for a year. These plans offers 300Mbps speeds and high-speed data capped at 3,3TB as well as unlimited voice calling. Users get the same OTT subscriptions as the above plans with the addition of the Netflix Basic plan.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Rs 14,994 semi-annual plan / Rs 29,988 annual plan

These plans are for those who want high-speed data connectivity. The Rs 14,994 semi-annual and Rs 29,988 annual Jio Fiber postpaid plans come with upload and download speeds of 500Mbps. Users will be able to enjoy unlimited data with this plan but with a 3.3TB high-speed data cap in place. Other benefits are the same as the above plan.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Rs 23,994 semi-annual plan / Rs 47,988 annual plan

The Rs 14,994 semi-annual and Rs 47,988 annual Jio Fiber Postpaid plans are ideal for those who stream or game online. Users get super-fast download and upload speeds of 1Gbps with a 3.3TB high-speed data limit, post which the speed will be reduced. Users will be able to enjoy unlimited voice calling and the same OTT subscriptions with this plan as well.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Rs 50,994 semi-annual plan / Rs 1,01,988 annual plan

This is the top-of-the-line Jio Fiber Postpaid plan priced at Rs 50,994 for six months and Rs 1,01,988 for 12 months. These plans offer 6.6TB of high-speed data at 1Gbps speed. There are no data restrictions in place for these plans. Other benefits remain the same including unlimited voice calling and 14 OTT subscriptions.

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